Batten down the Hatches…

I'm in for my first Florida Storm.  Tropical Storm Fay is making landfall as I write.  I've been in Hurricanes in North Carolina, but, we don't really have them with the same intensity as Florida. 

Am I prepared?  No….not really.  I had just gotten home from shopping when I heard the State of Emergency Warning.  I was a bit stunned to see a State of Emergency declared when the storm itself was in the Domincan Republic, but of course this is Florida, and the DR is really not that far away.

I have some extra water and I hard boiled some eggs, thats about it.  Tomorro, I am planning of getting some flashlight batteries, extra dog food, etc.  Of course, by that time it may be a little too late, but I tend to think not. 

Amazing the things i have heard though. I was at work all day no television or internet, so I got news of the weather from the incominng patients.  Some said it was going to be a Cat One, another said a Cat three and another said just huge amounts of rain….So, essentially no one really knows.

Olympic News.

Lopez Lomong has a disappointing finish to his Olympic career, in the Semi Finals.  I still Adore him.  I hope we'll see more from the King of Flagstaff!!!

Usain Bolt is a Phenom on the same level of Michael Phelps.  He does less races, but…sooo fast.

Damu Cherry of Clermont Fl and the National Training Center, looked hot tonight on the Hurdles.  And I am cheering for Walter Dix….as he is lookinng really good.

Really loving the track and field.  I sure hope that my cable doesnt get knocked out during this storm!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying and for those of you Floridians….stay safe!

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6 thoughts on “Batten down the Hatches…

  1. You've been on my mind all day.I hope you stay safe, secure, with internet and power and manage to stay relatively dry to boot.
    It would be nice if she changed track just enough to bring my part of Alabama some rain.

  2. time to get the water wings out for the dog and tell him to do his business because it won't be fit for man nor beast! I hope everything goes smoothly and that its more like a storm then anything of Hurricanes porportions!

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