Stress test and storm updates and long run woes

Tropical Storm Fay does not seem extraordinarily severe, but its definitely here.  Lots of Gusty winds, bands of rain blowing sidways… I managed to stock up on milk and Bread today, and fill the tank with gas.  It was a nice thing to fill it at the price of 3.49 a gallon.

The storm is supposed to be worse through the night and I am concerned that getting to work may be very difficult.

But I think if I go slow it might be alright.  though I can see the trees really whipping about out there.  I’m most worried about visibility.


I ran on the treadmill for the Cardiologist today. It was alright. I need another one in 20 years.  It was definitely an interesting test.  I passed with flying colors. The Cardiologist did an accelerated version.  Initially one starts out walking at a fairly steep incline.  Every few minutes, they increase both the speed and incline. I ended up at an 18% incline going only about 4-5 MPH.  The 18% incline was killer.  The Physician is obviously not a runner.  He looked at me and said, you probably run 3 miles an hour….based on the 14% incline at 3 MPH…so I told him, no I usually try to hit 10 min miles…I think he might care to recall that people do not run up big hills every moment of their workout.  I got so nervous about my rate he finally had to move the monitor away from my view.

at 18 percent the treadmill incline is raised 6.5 inches.  The only comparison I have is say 10% incline which is very steep is only 3.6 inches up.  and the 1% incline  is only 0.39 inches up.  So, it was prety darn steep.

When I got done the Doctor was a  little surprised since my heart rate which was at 176 plummeted to about 96 in about 40 seconds.

the whole experience made me feel out of breath and a bit out of shape. But my heart is good, so thats all I need to worry about.  My QT was really quite long even corrected…at 488 ms, but he didnt mention it SO, I thnk I’m in the clear.

I was also supposed to run 12 miles today.  I did 4.  I had a horrid run.  TO start with I forgot to set the alarm so I woke up when I was supposed to be running….always a bit unsettling.  My clothes werent ready, I had to eat and walk the dog and then get to running.  The early part of the storm was blwoing around and those winds were a bit difficult to handle.  in addition the humidity was huge and it was hot hot hot. My legs still felt heavy from the speed work a few days ago.  The bad news is that I need to do it Thursday.  At like 4 am so I can be on time for all my appointments etc.

I can’t wait.  😀


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4 thoughts on “Stress test and storm updates and long run woes

  1. 18%? Holy cow. You might as well crawl! :)You maxed out at 176? The recovery is impressive but being so low after running up a wall really stands out – I'd be over 200 for sure.Lastly… what is QT?

  2. I remember having that done but by drugs! Not the best way to do it!Take it easy tomorrow there will probably be much tree limbs and maybe even wires down on the roads so take care and take it easy!

  3. I so felt like crawling, I also felt like my heart was going to explode, or my lungs….
    The QT interval represents the duration from the depolarisation to the repolarisation of the ventricles.
    Long QT intervals are seen with slow heart rates, hypokalaemia, hypocalcaemia, myocardial disease, anorexia, congenital heart disease, and some drugs.
    Long QT intervals increase the risk of ectopic beats of the ventricles Pauses are a potential arrhythmogenic mechanism with prolonged QT intervals for ventricular arrhythmias such as torsades de pointes which may lead to sudden cardiac death.
    WHich is why they were so concerned about it. As it appears my long QT simply has to do with my slower heart rate.

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