Fay Hangs around Florida.

Tropical Storm Fay is hammering us here in Florida.  Clearly the East Coast of Florida was the hardest hit so far.  Not only do residents have 2 feet of water in their homes (how does one sandbag for 2 feet of water?)  several have also had to contend with Florida's wildlife.  Both Snakes and Alligators have been found in flooded homes. 

Just imagine getting ready to go home and preparing to get all the water out and a long long clean up.  and finding this hangin out near your couch!


Florida also has its share of very venomous snakes such as water Mocs. etc. that have been found in homes after flooding.

    THis morning I got up and prepared to do my 12 miler once again.  After walking about with the dog I thought it would be alright.  Unfortunately as soon as I was really ready to go out, a huge rain band came though with gusty winds.  I realized that running in the dark with the wind and rain was just plain stupid. I tried to do it on the treadmill this afternoon, but I kept getting a side stitch and I was having a great deal of pain in my left leg.  So, after trying a few times, I just decided to ice it, give it some motrin.  Tomorro, I have to run the 12 either outside or on the Treadmill, no matter what.  Fay is scheduled to continue hanging on so I will probably be inside.  I have never run 12 miles on a treadmill, so it should be an experience. 

Today we are getting much more weather.  I took the dog out and he initially refused to go outside!  When we got home, 15 minutes later, I looked as if I was auditioning for a Wet tshirt contest. Teulu looked like he had a bath. 

My car was blown about a bit on the road and tried to do some slip and slide. 

I'm now at home watching the trees whip in the wind and bend and sway and occasionally fly across the parking lot. 

It's plenty powerful.  I'm glad it isn't an actual hurricane. 

I am thinking I should look into some of the rebuilding opportunities in Brevard County…once the alligators are contained!


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10 thoughts on “Fay Hangs around Florida.

  1. Oh Geeze. I haven't really kept myself updated on the news (in fact, I don't watch it at all). Mom told me that Florida has entered hurricane season though. We're scheduled to go to Florida the last week of September. We'll be there for a week so I certainly hope the trip isn't a bomb. I hope you keep yourself safe, Holly. Alligators… Very scary!

  2. well at least the car is getting washed! And you got a break where you could get the dog out without bringing back into the house that wet dog smell we all know and love!as for 12 miles on a treadmill this ought to be a good blog about it

  3. Gah – I keep reading the title to your entry as "Hay Fangs…" And then there is the photo of the croc to go with that. *laugh* TGIF!

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