I did the long run

On the treadmill.  It was not exactly something I would like to do again.

But it was really the only option.

The worst of Fay hit us through the night and this morning.  It was really just buckets of rain and some wind, so I am pleased that Fay is finally blowing through. 

I didnt want to look like these two:


While this was taken in Key West, it easily could have been CLermont, Oveido, Orlando, Leesburg in the past few hours.

As it was, I got drenched just getting from the car to the gym.  I called ahead and was told no swimming but that the treadmills hadn't flooded yet.  That was definitely an exaggeration.  There was some leaking of the roof, but no flooding.

So I got on the mill, put it on some elevation, and ran….and ran…and ran. I discovered tha the treadmills at the gym turn off autmatically after an hour.  The first time I was taken aback as I was suddenly running on a completely stationary object.  Unfortunately I was so shocked I said out loud, "But I am not done yet"  which amused the guy next to me. 

I did use a PowerBar gel…the same nasty tangerine flavor.


It was very disgusting.   However, after I got it down I did start to feel a little better. 

The second six miles were actually easier. I guess I was getting used to being jarred by the treadmill.

My right leg is giving me a bit of trouble.  It seems my achilles hurts as well as my ankle, so the run was not exactly easy to begin with. But its such a change form my chroniclly injured left leg that I am just bearing with it.

So last long run done before my half.  I am not planning on a fast half.  I think I might do a 2:30 is I am lucky and things go well.  The altitude will be there and I will be tired from travel etc….  

I never ever want to run that long again on a treadmill.  I felt like an automaton.  Again after about 5 miles i got bad bad toe pain.  mostly in my second toe on both feet.  I have trimmed my toenails but something is still bothering them horribly.  I wish I knew what it was so as to correct it.  What an unusual annoyance.

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4 thoughts on “I did the long run

  1. My second and third toes often go numb and/or hurt when I am walking or doing the stationary bike – my doc said it was my shoes, but I have yet to find any athletic shoes that it doesn't happen in.

  2. It probably isnt your shoes, but you might be tying them too tight which would account for the numbness.
    I've had this odd little toe pain with my old shoes and one long runs before. At least I am not getting bloody toenails anymore!!!! But I wonder if the treadmill didnt make it worse. I hope not to ever spend that much time with a treadmill again!

  3. My toes go numb when I'm on the cross trainer or bike, but never when running – they used to, but then it passed.
    Hope you find out what's causing it – have you seen a foot doc?
    Well done though – you did it, and you did it at a good pace too… you're definitely ready for your half – I'd never run more than 9 miles before my halves!

  4. Good luck on your half. Hard to say what is causing the toe pain; there are countless reasons. I am impressed by anyone who can go more than 20 minutes on a treadmill. I hate treadmills. I'd rather hit my head against the wall or stick my hand in a wasp's nest.

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