In honor of Lightening Bolt….and Jamaica

Jamacia has had a stellar Olympics in track and field. 

Usain Bolt is incredible.  A few have accused him of Showboating a bit, but frankly….if he's so fast, he deserves a little show boating, especially because it seems limited to just a small bit.

So  in honor of Usain, and Jamaica….


ALso important to note. Usain has now donated 50 thousand USD to Earthquake relief in China.  I'd LOVE to see Michael Phelps do that, after all Michael recieved quite a bit of money from Nike. 

So Hats off to you Usain and Jamaica.  As Walter DIx said after getting the bronze behind Usain in the 100…."Wow that guy can run."  :)  Walk like a Champion Usain, you have earned it.

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