New experiences and some old ones.

Yesterday I had a new experience which was pretty fun, though maybe a little scary.


One of the Doctors took me for a very short, very slowish ride on his Screaming Eagle Harley.  I have never been on a Motorcycle.  I have always been a bit leary of them, as we see many many road bike accidents each year.  Usually the injuries are severe, even for people wearing protective equipment.  You just are not protected very well on a Motorcycle, leading them to be nicknamed in Emergency rooms all over the world I'm sure, "Donor-cycles"  The other reason of course is that many many riders of the Donor Cycle happen to be young guys, who have great organs.  I mean, if you are going to get a heart transplanted, it isn't going to be from an 80 year old lady.  It's going to come from a young person who still has mileage left on the heart.   I was surprised at how fun it was!!!!  Admitted, he told me that we went about 15 miles an hour, so I don't think I got the full Harley Experience, but he did keep sort of saying, "you'll see, it gets better, its more fun.  Since there was not an extra helmet he didnt want to take me out of the parking lot, and I appreciate that. 

    My old experience is that I seem to have mildly injured my right leg.  It's a different leg this time, but its oddly a very similar injury.  I rested it for 4 days straight and ran this morning, it's still a little bad, but runnable, so everything is on for the half, but I will have to see how it goes when I ramp up the training more.


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11 thoughts on “New experiences and some old ones.

  1. Someone once offered me a ride on a bike, but he'd been drinking in the pub I was serving him at… my brother has a very fast bike, and he's had several accidents on previous bikes, but always says it's the other person's fault. Nick was hit by a bike and ended up in hospital for a few days, and has no real memory of it.
    All of this means I probably won't be getting on a bike anytime soon, despite my brother's constant reassurances.
    I was amused though – when we were in Lake Placid, we were approached for money to raise funds for bikers hit by other vehicles. I just turned around and told them that my husband had been hit by a biker so it was unlikely I would like to donate…

  2. Do I admit, that the main attraction I had to the bike was the person driving it? Same one from topics in Julys posts….. πŸ˜‰
    they are not as safe as cars, and while they can be safe, there is often a problem of them not being seen on the roads and getting pummelled, but.I still enjoyed my ride and I hope to be asked to go on another one.

  3. How fun! I've only ever ridden on the back of a friend's scooter which only went up to about 30 mph, and that was plenty fast for me!

  4. It's a difficult difficult thing. He makes all the right "moves" if you will, but then doesn't hit the "home run" of asking me to spend time with him outside of work. But everyone at work says he is definitely showing interest. I now have his phone number and he asked me to get him some (good gracious) socks, at the Marathon Expo this weekend, so I have a lame reason to call him at least… (dude, i got ya socks?)
    Its a bit awkward.

  5. I suspect that he's not that sure of how you feel, and it's almost like he's giving you lots of openings, but maybe wants something more concrete from you for fear of being knocked back. I hate to say it, but it might be up to you to suggest doing something outside work – maybe arrange to meet for an early afternoon coffee or something, and then see if it turns into dinner?

  6. Yes my sneaky little plan is to get him some socks (of all things, at least it wasnt underwear.) and call him. He will offer to reimburse me, and I think I'llt ell him not to worry about it but to take me out on the motorcycle again and out for Mexican….We'll see.

  7. Good idea. Not very sneaky though.. Mind you, I think boys are more oblivious to things like that (note: I appreciate this is a sweeping generalisation, but is based on my own experiences that girls have to be quite blatant when letting a guy know they're interested…)

  8. Yes, its not very sneaky. i suppose it isnt meant to be. I think if I can get him outside of work where one of us is constantly being pulled away for something as exciting as vaginal bleeding or projectile vomiting….we might have a chance!

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I actually have a motorbike licence – it has been quite a while since I have ridden – but I refuse to let go of the licence. There is something special about riding out on a country road. Hope you get a chance with the guy πŸ™‚

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