Back on the Injury List

I finally admitted today to myself that the right leg isn't really healing.  I can walk pretty well, but when I start to run, I am actually hopping to get off the leg.

I have pain in a few spots so its a little hard to tell exactly whats going on in there. I emailed my Ortho from home and he emailed me back some people he knows in Central Florida. 

I was very hesitant to call and make an appointment as I kind of know that they are going to just tell me to Ice and rest the thing.  But to be honest ever since the half I have been icing and resting and not running and it is not really getting any better. 

So oddly I whined about it when I was at the doctor today to discuss my eating.  He surprised me in a ton of ways.  Firstly I happened to put my foot up on the furniture and he suddenly said, "You need new shoes"  He was looking at the treadwear on my old trainers.  He thinks I shouldn't even schlep around in them, but I think I don't have enough cash for a new pair of shoes to schlep in.  He took a closer look at the treadwear and told me he thought the wear pattern indicated some of the gait problem.  Then he asked a bunch of questions about the pain etc and we talked about my old injury.  It turns out he is certified in Myofascial release, which is what actually seemed to finally cure my left leg last year.  We discussed the situation a little more, I'm trying to save money to fly to Grandpas Funeral, and my insurance isnt that great, so paying out a load of cash to be told to rest and ice would burn me.  Then he really surprised me by offering to call a friend of his who is an Orthopedist with UF and see if the guy would see me sort of "under the table".  I was blown away.  While this does happen, it doesn't usually happen this way. He said he would put in the call today. I hope it works out.  on the way out the door It was funny, the doc of course was trying to casually observe my walking, which made him appear to be casually observing my rear….I tried really hard to walk normally on it.  He finally said, go ahead, I know you are gimpy, you;ve been that way for a while now.  So hopefully this guy he knows will help.

For an eating disorders Doctor, he seems to have a lot up his sleeve.  He's too smart. 

Not really sure what to do about the Marathon.  My trainer said she'd help me learn to pool run, which may help me to continue training.  I'm able to exersise, so I can keep up my fitness, but, I;m worried about missing too many long runs.  Maybe I will have to do another different one in December.  or something.   Or…I might just get better!  THinking Positive thoughts.


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5 thoughts on “Back on the Injury List

  1. thats really really kind. unfortunately I am a UK 36-37. I suppose I could stuff them with socks, but I think actually that my shoes are sort of OK, but I am looking for some sales!

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