Job Hunting Again

Well, I got a call from my Company on Friday telling me due to some bureaucratic rules the current hospital I am at will not be extending my contract for a third time.

It was such a shock because I had just been talking to the Manager who said he did want to extend me that morning! I was feeling really down about it.  After some time to think about it and go to the gym, I am a little more relaxed.  I've looked at the job site and seen a few very interesting positions, but the whole thing is sort of confusing.

I'm going to address it a bit with my recruiter, but I find that the best thing to do in situations like this is to Roll with it…


Roll with it Baby.

My recruiter was off, so I was dealing with a different recruiter who was, of course, dumber than a box of rocks.  She kept offerring me things well over 150 miles from where I want to be. So, I finally just said I'd deal with my recruiter when she came back, on Monday.  Of course I will be 12 hours at work on Monday, but I can still probably manage to speak to her a little.

So I am in a dilemma about exactly what I do want to do.  I've done so well with things (Eating, running, training) that I would love to simply stay put.  It doesn't actually seem to be something thats going to happen though.  The "good Job" I want in Orlando doesn't open until December.  I finish in October.  Now, I could easily take 2 weeks off, maybe three, but probably couldn't manage 6 without pay. 

So my best option would be to find a 4-6 week contract and then come back.  This is near impossible, unless some hospital goes on strike.  Then I can do all sort of crazy short contracts and make a ton of money, and hopefully allow the striking nurses to get the things they need from the skinflint hospital.  Of course, they usually house everyone in one hotel and dont like you to bring along pets.  Teulu loves the hotel, and usually does extremely well in one (oddly)  since he can be crated and such. And I can usually get someone else to let him out from the opposite shift.

Another option would be for the hospital to extend me for a few more weeks in October/November…and then I could simply start the other Job in December. 

Then another part of me is thinking I have become way too attached to my Doctor, and my trainer and that change would behoove me.  So…I suppose I'll just wait and see.  There are some interesting places out there that I am licensed for that look to be a bit more interesting than what I am doing now, but…sometimes its nice to have the same thing….

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8 thoughts on “Job Hunting Again

  1. Oh it could be worse. Maximally due to tax laws, I could have only extended the third time anyway. So, if things work out the way I am hoping they will, I'll be close to my cousin and parents for the Holidays, which would also be nice, and then able to come back to a better paying job in the same area.

  2. Oh no, I am just a "special worker" a contractor. I go innto hospitals for a short time while they attempt to hire permanent nurses. I get paid more than a regular position because I essentially have to walk in and start work on the same day. It's a nice way to see the country. I have really enjoyed Florida, so I am going to try to go back.

  3. That's how it is with jobs sometimes… one never really knows about work and jobs….do we?
    At all of my previous positions I intended to stay long term but changes out of my control led to me eventually looking for greener pastures elsewhere. It is in my nature to be very loyal and committed to my co-workers and my patients. Moving on can be hard but sometimes it can turn out to be the best decision.
    On a good note however this moving around every several years has led to me meeting many interesting people and making many friends across the country that I would never have done otherwise. I hope my current postition will be where I stay long term. My family and I have way too much stuff to want to move again any time soon.
    Good luck. I am sure this will work itself out, whatever happens.

  4. I was really planning on being here for 3 more months, but now that I have had a bit of time to look at the job site, I'm starting to see a very very good option, close to my family for the holidays, so…I am definitely getting a little excited about doing something different….I'm a little overwhelemed by the entire job search. right now there are 186 jobs I could be submitted for! It is nice to have qualifications. I was just so sure I was staying for the next 3 months, but since I am not, there are definitely some cool options.

  5. I hope it all works out. You're right though, Florida does seem to have been good for you (despite the various bugs that you've suffered!). I'm sure you'll fall on your feet.

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