Life’s Little updates

SO things are looking pretty good here job wise at least.


I Interviewed today at Florida Hospital East.  it went pretty well.  I am fairly sure I have the job if I want it.  By Mid interview the interviewer was saying the usual key "You're hired" words like, "When you get here you are going to say, blah de blah"  And stuff like that.  He seemed pretty cool as well. 

Thing is Florida Hospital East is a Busy busy place with a few systems that are very unique.  The Emergency Department sees 200-300 patients per day.   The hospital where I am at now sees about 80-100 patients daily.  The pay is entirely more, a whopping seven dollars an hour more which is a very very high rate for Florida.  On top of that, the place is nicknamed "The Beast" which doesn't make it sound like a real fun place to work.  I am undecided.  I wish I could just go stroll through the Emergency Department, but I can't figure out a way to do that. 

The pay would be excellent, but I guess I'd be earning each and every penny. 

I have been submitted at a few hospitals in Maryland, Virginia and Florida.  MD and VA are close to my family and for the holidays that would be cool. 

We'll see. I hope some other things come up.

My right leg.  It is horrible.  The achilles is sore, and apparently using the ellipitical is not so easy on all joints.  I'm having a bout of bursitis or siatica in my right hip.  Nice.  the entire foot has been feeling numb and painful.  I'm icing and stretching and resting.  Not fun at all.  My trainer was off for her appointments today and I knew I was supposed to pool jog but I just didnt, I was so so tired from the interview etc, that I just kind of took most of the day off.  I did about 20 mins of strength training and stretching.  I feel lazy, but wow does the leg hurt.  I have a very loose right hip and it does occasionally start with siaticia or bursitis, so i assume its just flaring.  I am looking forward to the flare lessening with great anticipation!


I'm still not dating.  I had given up on Sock guy because he didn't call me back.  I was at the hosptial today to see a friend who is there, and he happened to be working.  I sucked it up and said Hi to him.  We talked for a while and eventually I said, You know you never returned my call.  He told me a semi-cock and bull story about deleting my message without getting my number.  but of course that was a lie.  I believe he deleted the message, but you all know there are a billion ways to get a number that called off a cell phone.  just click on incoming calls, etc.  He also could have called me at work, or asked at work for my number.  So, while I did enjoy talking to him, and I did give him my number, I don't expect anything from it.  At least I was able to express how I felt when he didn't call back. He seemed distressed that I might be taking the Orlando job as he lives about 70 miles north of Orlando, but, there isnt anything in his town and he is so wishy washy I am unsure what the heck I should do about that.  grrrrr. He was very sweet.  I think right now so fresh from his divorce that he isnt really emotionally ready to get into a relationship with anyone, including going out on a regular date.  It was a little funny though,  I said to him I was really surprised when you didnt call me back and then I wondered what I would do with these mens socks!  We both laughed. 

Not much else going on.  THings are pretty up in the air regarding the job.  In some ways this is very interesting as there will be new people to meet and things to learn and do.  Of course there is also the annoyances of packing and traveling and similarly new things to get acusstomed to and maybe mean people….


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8 thoughts on “Life’s Little updates

  1. See I told you, Katiebell, I just knew you would fine the job you always wanted. I think we are kindred spirits. After reading you blog, since I am runner, I decided I need to visit florida!

  2. Some times guys are idiots, I should know I am one! But that just means there is a better one of them out there for you! as for your leg too bad your really too young to be having all those problems but if you enjoy running I guess you will have to tolerate some pain….And good luck with the Job it seems your a real catch as far as employers are concerned non so far have passed you up!

  3. Good luck on the job front. Not sure I would want to work for something called "the Beast". Maybe get a bunch of flowers and pretend to get lost looking for a relative in the hospital, if you want to get a first hand look at the place.

  4. When I broke up with my ex of 5 years, a couple of months after, I started toying with the idea of dating, but when it actually came down to it, I wasn't ready, and backed off…. maybe he wants to start dating, but isn't ready as you said.
    I hope the job works out – if you earnt the extra money you could put some real savings behind you and maybe take a month out to do some travelling or something?

  5. Good deal on the job front — its always good to have the option to say yes or no. Sorry about the leg — it doesn't sound like your leg would mind a couple more days of "lazy". Oh, and the guy's a tool.

  6. Thank you steve! I'm still getting over the guy. I'm still waiting on a hiring decision but I think I'll take the beastie job for a challenge….it would be good for me.

  7. Katiebell,
    You need to ice the foot. As a runner I understand the beating our foots take and icing is not only soothing – it helps get us ready for the next big run. Also using aspiring or over the counter pain killers has help me in the past. I had the same problem you are discribing last week but with a little TLC (ice and pain killers) I have been able to run again. Please Tell me more about florida and the area where you at. If you send me your address I can send you a book on dealing witht he same issues you are having.
    Forget the suck guy – he sounds like he is not a runner like us

  8. Sometimes the most challenging jobs are the best ones for gaining experience (Isn't it like that with races?). I assume that this would be another temporary contract? In that case, you should have even less hesitation to try it out. It won't be forever. Good luck with your leg, dating and other stuff. Hang in there.

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