biting my nails nervous.

I'm still waiting to hear from some hospitals about a job.

I think the bad economy is finally starting to show in the strange world of travel nursing.  I have been submitted to two separate hospitals that have turned around and yanked the position, not filling it at all. 

My recruiter is waiting to find out if I was approved for Fl Hospital in October or not.  I am going to jump on it if it is approved. 

Just nothing else is coming up.  It is very very odd.  Even my recruiter agreed with me that the pickings are slimmer than normal.  She seems a little worried and of course, if I dont work she doesn't get paid. 

It isnt really a matter of not working, but it is a matter of having to take a contract in a cold snowy place with not so great pay. 

I'm thinking in a few more days on Monday things in Florida should pick up, BUT quite possibly not. 

I'm trying to get excited about Wisconsin, but it isn't really happening. 

Keep your fingers crossed for the Beast for me….


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8 thoughts on “biting my nails nervous.

  1. yes, it is sort of annoying, but I must admit, some of my best experiences have been when I went somewhere just to have a job for a few weeks….so I am hoping for some good stuff.

  2. Whered do you think you will be going? Sounds like a fantastic live. I too move around alot. I donnt mind it – but I think to go a warmer climate. After reading your blogs I see how much happier you are since coming to florida. It appeared that New Mesico took alot out of you. HOw is your foot? did you try what I told you?

  3. You mentioned Wisconsin. Is this for a potential job? I used to live/work in both the Appleton and the Madison areas. I know some about the other parts of the state. Hopefully, the "Beast" will work out and you won't have to experience a cold, icy Wisconsin winter. Everyone's fingers are crossed…

  4. Wisconsin is a potential, but so is Colorado…and Texas.. and Virginia, but who knows. I'm not feeling very hopeful about it right now. I am supposed to hear something today.

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