Still no word on any jobs.  This of course is very alarminng to me.  I am trying to stay calm and go about my business, but it is always in the back of my mind.  We are supposed to hear back today about the job in Florida, but…Its really hard to know whats going to really happen.  Nothing good is coming up, it just looks like I may be in for a surprise for the next thirteen weeks. 


I went out on a Date with  the Doctor this morning.  We had breakfast.  It was a meh date.  He's been tired since he's working a lot. I am stressed as I have no job.  The uncertainty of where I am going to be…sort of put a damper on the situation. 

My leg still hurts when I try to run on it.  So thats no fun either. 


So yes, I am feeling stressed out. I'm not sure whats going to happen next.  but I sure wish it would just go ahead and happen so i could make some sort of plans even plans I'm not so thrilled about!!!

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5 thoughts on “Eeek

  1. Hopefully you'll get some news soon — my post-doc advisor gave me great advice when I started looking for jobs. He told me: "When you're looking for a job, it's the most important thing going on for you. When you're hiring someone, it's one of 10 things you're doing that day."

  2. Oh! I hate uncertainty. I drives me nuts. My boss (and others) have commented on how well I seem to handle stress. I don't see it as I always feel like I'm about to fall apart.
    I hope you find out where you will be working next, quickly. I know you like the travelling nurse thing, but if it starts to become rough finding a new position will you consider going back to full time somewhere?
    Take a deep breath—blow it out…things will get better.

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