Enormous Sigh of Relief.

I was signed today for Florida Hospital East…



They signed me for 24 weeks.  So I am rather excited.  I wont have to move or change anything except jobs.  Its a bigger busier hospital so it will be a challenge. 

But this is so much better than very cold Wisconsin, or other places I was considering.

I'm very excited.  I qualify for a completion bonus, and the pay rate is 8 bucks more an hour than what I am making now.  Of course I imagine I will earning those extra 8 bucks, every penny of it.

I'm feeling much better now.  I was getting pretty stressed out and starting to eat wierd things… 

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13 thoughts on “Enormous Sigh of Relief.

  1. YaY!! I'm so glad that things fell into place for you. A better bonus is not having to move! How will your commute change? 24 weeks? That's a long-term temporary position, isn't it? too cool! It definately keeps you in Florida through the winter. Great job!

  2. About a week after this contract ends. I was actually thinking about your other comment when the phone rang. About how its just one of ten things the hirer is doing. That is so true and very important to remember, and especially for hiring of temporary staff, as they just want you to show up and work, not grow and develop etc….

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