An Army of Women

I just saw on the Today Show, an announcement of An Army of Women program to fight Breast Cancer.

I have to admit, I have not been extremely supportive of the recent Pink Ribbon Campaigns.


This is mostly because I really feel like we have raised so much money for Breast Cancer Research and yet I see very little new results or improvements in treatment.  And I admit I also see a lot of other issues that are less appealing and less supported. 

The Army of Women idea, however appeals to me very very much.  It was pioneered by Dr Love.


Apparently it is very difficult to find healthy women to participate in studies.  This seems odd to me, because there are so many ways to promote research participation for such a popular cause.  However, this is what the research gurus are saying.  It is apparently easy to recruit those with breast Cancer and those who have a family member affected by Breast Cancer, but not those like myself, who have no family history of Breast Cancer.

So now there is a web site for those of us who are healthy (and not healthy)  to participate in finding both the cure for Breast Cancer and more importantly, the Cause of Breast Cancer.  You can register yourself, and then you will recieve emails regarding studies you may wish to participate in.  Mostly it appears they will need some blood or urinne samples.  The more samples researchers recieve the more comprehensive and conclusive their studies can be.  This is an excellent way to support this cause without having to spend money.  You won;'t have to paper your car bumper with pink ribbon stickers, or buy the pink ribbon purses, or any of the multitude of Pink Ribbon products out there….


But you will be able to possibly participate in a study if you choose to (No obligation to participate, you choose what you want and are able to do.)  that could save many lives. 

Just go to

and register.

Of course if you prefer, you can just go buy one of these:


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