right leg dilemma

Well.  I ran 1.5 miles today on the treadmill.  It felt OK.  Initially I had some leg pain.  After a little bit I stopped feeling the pain.  I felt very happy at about 1.2…

My dilemma is wether or not to go see the Orthopedist while I am at home.  My leg is improving.  My hip, if I can stop using the ellipitical trainer, is also improving.  I'm not sure what the Doctor would tell me, and I thnk part of me just wants to spend some time with him.  When I was having all the troubles a few years back, we got to be quite friendly, and I miss him.  We still email, but its not the same. 

My trainer seems to think I am doing very well.  She made a very odd comment this week.  She was saying I had really improved and then she remarked that I was definitely much more "alive" than when she first met me.  It was such an odd statement I really thought about it.  She didnt say I had more energy or more strength, she actually used the word alive.  I think this is a good sign. She did warn me though not to overdo the running this week, so I am watching it, and rehabbing very slowly. 

I have accepted that my plan for the November Marathon is a wash.  I'm still in pretty good shape because I have been swimminng and ellipiticalling and doing a variety of strength routines with the trainer.  When I ran today I had to really rein it in, I knew I could go faster, but I didnt think I should yet.  I get the odd feeling that I may actually be running a bit faster due to the work on my quads that the ellipitical gives, suddenly I am usinng quads more than gastrocs.

So plan is for a Half Marathon in December…and a FUll in like March…Hmmm.


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3 thoughts on “right leg dilemma

  1. why are cretin people so hard headed about going to get things done the longer you put it off the bigger the problem might become! Even though you are feeling and getting better you still should have it checked out! or are you afraid they might tell you not to run anymore!

  2. I'm sure you meant "certain" people, right, not "cretin"?!
    Going from your blogs, you do sound like it's all starting to come together and you seem less anxious about some things. It's a good change…

  3. Thanks for the catch Runnergirl I probably did not see it for the thoughts in my head happens when I try to get a thought out before I loose it, Just at times get frustrated when people do no go have these things checked out when they can be fixed I live my life in pain every day. And she is such a nice person It is a great thing she is staying in the same area so maybe a bit more dating she can get in….For a guy I probably come off as a mother Hen more then a bit!but back to it is the only body you have so take good care of it!

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