My Mom for Vice Prez

made me laugh out loud this morning.  She is not one for jokes so it was especially funny to me.

She has been very worried that I will not vote.  Rest assured, I have already cast an absentee ballot for Barak Obama.  and Joe Biden.  She is very anti-Bush in a way that superceeds alot of things.  In fact, she believes Bush is actually deep down evil, I just happen to htink he is not extremely smart.  or smart. 

Anyway she sent me this email.


Good on you for voting

Sarah Palin is funny but not VP material–  I am thinking of taking her place-as I am equally qyalified and my kids are better than hers.   Got it!


Can I just say, in these troubled financial times, I think my Mother would make a better candidate for VP.  She has never had a million dollars in assets but yet she managed to invest and save enough that she retired at age 50 and my Dad at age 62 or so.  And they are living quite nicely at the present time, even with the difficult financial problems. 

Given my Mom's ability to handle money, I think she just might be better qualified than Sarah Palin.  In addition she is trained in Early childhood education, which would give her one up on dealing with some of the buffoonery that goes on in the Senate and the House.



Mom for VP!  Yeah!

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