I seem to be having some anxiety this weekend.   It's made worse by the fact that I am Still supposed to be letting the Cortisone slowly heal up my hip, so I can't exersise whichi s my normal anxiety queller.

My hip seems to be better, in fact, now the only place that hurts is where he made the injection.  It makes me wonder if it would have had the same results if I had just taken an entire week off.


Anyway, I am having anxiety about my new job.  I know I have to take 2 tests when I get there.  A Dysrhythmia test to prove I know what to do when you're heart does this:


or alternatively, not to do anything when your heart does that.

In addition I have to take a unit specific exam.  In my case it will be for the Emergency Department.  That one determines that I know that this:


needs to wait for this:


Now, I know this stuff pretty well. but I am definitely having a bunch of anxiety because if I can not pass the exams, I can not work.  Since I am already here, etc, I really would like to keep the job.  I feel fairly well prepared, but there is always that dwonder if they are going to ask somethig I just am totally unprepared for.  Unfortunately for me, if I start to have problems with one question it spills over into the rest of the test and my thinking gets fuzzy…

On top of it all, I have to go tomorro for a fit test.  I apparently was just supposed to schedule it but i didnt read that email until today, so I will have to report tomorro morning with the regular nurses and sit through orientation that has nothing to do with me until time for fit testing.

"special" (insane) nurses like ER and OR nurses are supposed to start on Tuesday.  We, however, were supposed to already be fit tested. 

I wonder if they wouldn't let me do the testing on Monday and stop all the madness and anxiety and then give me an extra day to figure out where the heck things are.

On top of all the testing and running about…. I will still have to figure out the unit and its ins and outs in 3 days or it will all be horrific. 


and the worst part is that while the PCU, ICU CVICU and Neuro ICU nurses were given a study guide, apparently ER doesn't get one.  Hmmmm.  they want me to use the other guides to help me study.  Well, the other guides are totally related to very fancy cardiac equipment (Swan catheters) which we dont use in the ER.  Some fool may try to put one in  in the ER but it will remain unused until the patient arrives somewheree where people feel the need for a pulmonary capillary wedge pressure.  I used to know how to operate those things..I swear, but not any more.

EEEEEEEEeeee.I am calming myself by watching Political News on Television!!!!!  clearly not very calm. 

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3 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Hang in there…I hope it all is going (or has gone – I am a bit behind here) OK. I am sure your testing will be just fine once you get into the groove of it!

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