Remember on November 4th

Americans need to vote.  In most places Early voting is done…so if you have note voted early or absentee, you need to plan well to get out and cast your ballot.

Here's a display in Clermont Florida…non partisan, reminding everyone to get out the vote.


As for me.  I have cast a ballot for  "That One"!  Crazy as this race has been, I do really believe he is change we can believe in.  He and Biden are ready to lead during these difficult times.  I love how many Americans are now calling Senator Obama simply "Barack"  I think it really shows how he has managed to connect to people, so that many feel a very close relationship to them.  I rarely hear McCain called John.  It could be because Joh nis a common name, but in reality I think Senator Obama has just connected with so many of us that we do feel close enough to this leader to call him by his first name.



Lets "Barack the vote" Americans. 

4 days to go!


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4 thoughts on “Remember on November 4th

  1. If I could vote, I would, but I'm keeping everything crossed. On the news this morning, they reported that 1 in 20 Americans aren't yet sure who they're going to vote for.

  2. It's all very exciting. Lots and lots of Democrats have voted early. I am thrilled that I have tuesday off, so I can sit back and watch the exit polls and returns.
    I think for a lot of Americans this campaign has caused a lot of confusion and has really shook people up about their values.

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