I seem to have survived my first week out in the Emergency Deparment of East the Beast.  It has been a bit nutty.

My first day in my first hour I had to put in a NasoGastric tube….its a simple procedure, but it hurts most patients.  They dislike it and I really hate doing them…


Luckily the person who got it was relatively easy to get it into and things went along pretty smoothly for the rest of the day.

On day two I woke up with a Migraine from Hell.  I get migraines but usually only occasionally, like once every 3-4 years.  This one was horrible.  I am still in awe of it.

But because it was orientation week, I couldn't call out sick.  SO I spent the day trying to remain up right, vomiting a little and trying to stay on top of all the charting etc.  It would be that day that our 31 yr old with abdominal pain turned out to be having an MI and was flown out to the other hospital. Well, I learned alot about flying people out.  THen joy of joys, i got to put in another NG tube!!! 


My third day was better, though by the end I was wiped out from running around trying to be sure everything was done.  no ng's but I did get to assist with a pelvic (other least favorite thing) and do some other fun stuff.

The staff are really nice and I think I am going to enjoy working there.  The computer program they are using is somewhat fragmented and not as good as it could be.  It's the one thing that slows me down. The cohesiveness they demonstrate as a team is really cool.  I don;t know how they built it but I like it and I would like to learn how they did do it, because its so lacking in many other places.  Mondays are classically the busiest days in the Emergency arena the Nation over.  so this hospital feeds the staff each and every Monday for free.  It really is nice.    

Tomorro is my first day "alone" as it were.  I have fear that I might just die as it is busy and there are some odd things I need to remember (steps for admission)…but… I am hoping it all goes well.


I am blown away by the focus on Religion though by the hospital.  it is a Seventh Day Adventist hospital, the Mission is "TO extend the healing ministry of Christ"  There is prayer each morning and then extra prayer some days over the intercom…on the white wipe off boards there are a variety of biblical quotes and I was shocked and amazed, (and a little amused ) to purchase "Florida Hospital" water…with this label.


There is more Godliness to the place.  It's odd but at the same time, at least they do what they say they do…if you know what I mean? 

Hopefully I can survive my Sunday and Monday.  I'm still scared.

Oh yes, I got a 98% on the test!!!

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