collective sigh of relief

Whooo Hoooo!


I am relieved and thrilled to see that NC appears to be heading down a BLUE road.  I am so glad I made sure to vote as I really was not sure it would matter..

McCain made a very very lovely concession speech, which was horribly marred by his supporters Boo-ing.   the ladies in that group as I have said before, appeared to be choking on their expensive pearls.

Watching Obama make his speech I was thrilled.  I could see real Americans celebrating. 

And I was thrilled to see Kenya celebrating, Indonesia Celebrating, France Celebrating.

Lets continue to support Obama as he takes over the reins. 


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3 thoughts on “collective sigh of relief

  1. We shall she what happens! "just call me jaded"will the promising fall at the roadside will what was unsaid be his first agenda, and how long will his voting public wait before attacking him for doing things too fast, too slow,too far or not far enough….it has only just begun…… and was the country left in too bad of repair for him to do more then just get it in shape for the next president! hold off on that sigh of relief for right now!Also nice to read your posts you have been a busy person lately I am guessing!

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