Palm trees and other stuff.

So, I am slowly coming down from the election.  I do think people in general are going to be wanting to be more involved in their government now that Obama is about to become President.  There does remain a question of how and when but I remain optimistic and so excited. 

I'm starting to run OK again after having the cortisone placed in my hip.  It isn't perfect and I have lost a little fitness.  But the plan is for an April Marathon….we shall see.  I was supposed to run a 5k today but I got up late and would have had to register at the race etc etc.  So so much for that.

I am really so far enjoying my job at East.  I was so nervous about it, but it has been very interesting.  This is one of the first places I have worked that is really multiracial.  Its really interesting I work with nurses of all races and backgrounds.  Of course we are all the same since we are Emergency nurses.  We are bonded together through commen experiences. I have been well recieved by both patients and staff so I feel very relaxed, which is a change. 

Now the Palm tree.  I learned this week that Palm trees BLOOM.  very cool.


look at that.  Its like a huge drooping pom pom of small yellow flowers.  It actually doesn't look like a  


natural part of the tree or as the more trendy people would say an organic part of the tree.  (side note, I really think referring to things as Organic ends, rather than natural ends, is sort of silly.) This cascade of blooms had attracted many insects and at times when I walked by this area it seemed alive with buzzing.


Any way.  Palm trees do apparently bloom, somewhat infrequently, but they do it.  I learned a lot about Palms.  Apparently in many parts of Florida there are multiple laws regarding the pruning and care of trees.  Interesting.

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4 thoughts on “Palm trees and other stuff.

  1. Glad your job is going well and that you're enjoying it. I love to see the palm trees bloom around here — I think their "flowers" (can you call them that?) are awesome.

  2. I have never seen that! What a great find – thanks for sharing. I figured there had to be SOME sort of flower, since they make coconuts which are a fruit/seed, but I thought they were just innocuous and not really noticable types of flowers. Who knew?

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