My New runners are in the mail…

very exciting. 

I know it isnt time for new runners, but…I had this bout with severe heel pain.  It appears that it was caused entirley from walking around in bad bad shoes.  So I started to wear my Nike's around at work and then looked for a new pair of shoes. 

I was waiting until this week, since this week is yahoo, payday!   but I was shopping online and found Pearl Izumi's for 47.00 

SO I bought them.  They shipped today.  I hope they will work out.  They are an ungly color but if I wanted them in Pink they would have been 95.00 on sale, so I am going with the bleak burnt orange they call Moab.


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2 thoughts on “Shoes!

  1. I have Heard the check is in the mail but the Runners are in the mail, dose this mean I could mail in my run for a competition??? They (the runners) sound good and Pink so close after the Brest cancer month! Why dose it only take a simple purchase of something new to make us so happy so giddy!

  2. O, well, thank`s for the article that you wrote your article! A lot of time I was trying to find some new material for me, and I guess I have it thanks to you. Thank`s once more. I will be waiting for new information that you write.

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