So I did finally go to Disney.  Interesting place.  I will admit I did not find it as magical as the commercials make it out to be, but I am also not 5 years old!

But it was definitely an interesting day.


This is the entry to Disney.  People are very friendly and of coruse everyone sends you off with a "Have a magical Day!"

We got our tickets, which have a few different Disneified slogans and pictures on them. Mine, which I do not have a picture of had Cinderella and says, "Walt Disney World, where glass slippers always fit" Given the size of the parks, I am glad I did not wear any glass slippers that day.


We started off with a breakfast at the Crystal palace.  The Crystal Palace is one of the restaurants inside the Magic Kingdom park.  I think it is modeled after  the other crystal palace of Hyde Park in 1851, but I am unsure.  Since I went in November, it was decorated up for the Holidays and very Mickey focused.









I thought the greeter at The Crystal Palace was great.  he wore the Mickey hands, and tried to give endless high fives to the people coming in for Breakfast.



To be honest the food at the Crystal Palace was not at all impressive nor was it worth what we paid, but the big attraction is of course the Charater breakfast there.  All the Characters gather round and you can have you photo taken with them.  Eventually they lead the children on a parade, which is very entertaining as most of the girls come dressed in their little princess Halloween costume. The girls were charming but I avoidede taking photos of them as people do not take to strangers taking photos of their little girls, yes?



 All the topiary was dressed up for the holidays as well.  Here is tigger with his scarf. 

And Eeyore for the Eeyore fans…



So we had Breakfast and set out to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  I do not recommend doing 2 parks in one day to anyone, especially if you have kids who may get cranky!.

Oh and Here's me at the Crystal Palace.  Note how much my face has filled out! 



We started at the Magic Kingdom Park of course at the Cinderella Castle.



This shot has the statue of Walt and Mickey waving at you as well.  I was impressed at the detail of parts of the park that I could tell have been there most likely since the opening…I especially liked the little brass statuettes of the charaters that are all around the big statue of Walt and Mickey.





And of course the Mickey and Minnie Topiary. 

I think all of these details are lost on the Kids and most of the Adults.  No one seemed to notice these smaller details.  People do seem to be rushing a great deal of the time at the park.  Given the cost of tickets though I guess I am not at all surprised that people do rush and try to take it all in.  You can see the throng of people beyond me in this photo….also note the Holiday decor on Main Street.


We were able to enjoy the Monsters Inc Show…


Which I thought was not going to be any fun, but it turned out to be so hysterical, I'd definitely do that over and over again.  The Imagineers have made it so that the images on the screen are interactive with the audience.  The audience is occasionally on screen and is called upon to answer questions and tell jokes.  I am unsure as to how they make it all work, but they do!

We then we on all the rides, Space Mountain, the Big bear Mountain express (Or something of that sort)  Pirates of the Caribean,  finding Nemo, and on and on.

I will say I did not find Space Mountain fun.  I am not a good roller coaster rider.  and that particular ride sounds rickety and takes very very sharp turns int he dark. 

Most of the rides at Disney are essentially built on the same thing:  climb into a car, ride through a variety of scenes.  I will admit after a bit it got a bit sort of bland.  Again though, I am not five.  At age five, I would have been absoloutely thrilled with the entire park. 

Here is the entrance of the Land of tomorro I think. 





.I especially liked the little space planet theme involved there. 

I have got to post more later, will come back and edit!




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4 thoughts on “Disney….

  1. I love Disney. We went when I was 9 or so and back again with my own kids 2 years ago…and I can't wait to go back! (and go to Tokyo Disney, too!) I did find it magical with the kids…and I think it sounds like you found some, too. 🙂 My expectations weren't high so I was constantly pleasantly surprised. They know how to do it right.I know what you mean about the dining, though. We chose high-end restaurants because I like to EAT. But what I consistently noticed was people in ball caps and sneakers and shorts and tank tops eating at these expensive restaurants with top-end chefs…

  2. So it seems like staying put for now and enjoying yourself is having a positive effect on you! You look like your doing fine and I hope we here much more about your adventures as well as any running plans!

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