Disney Part Two

Well, we did do about a 18 hour day at Disney so two posts, not too bad. I intended to post this up the next day but then I guess I got tired. But here is the end of the day at Disney. 

We had a Park Hopper Pass…

SO we went over to the big Golf Ball  Epcot.


And walked around.  We rode some rides.  I did really enjoy the finding Nemo ride because of the real Dolphins and Manatees in the ride, but I will have to admit some concern as the tank seems none too large.  I also enjoyed a ride that took us through a variety of plants.  There were definitely some things I had not seen before.

We had Dinner at China, which to me was a  very very big disappointment.  I KNOW the Chefs at Disney are great, but, what passed as Chinese food there was a very dressed up Americanized Chinese food.  I expected that we would have the option of really traditional yummy Chinese food.  It was definitely tasty, but I have had more authentic and better food at the local Dim Sum.  Ahhh well.

After that it got dark and we went to see the presentation of Wishes and the Parade.. This was probably my highlight of the whole day.  The Castle has millions of icicles on it for the holidays and was programmed to change colors every few minutes.  Some color combinations were a bit odd, but the effect was definitely Magical.







Because it is a special year, Disney is doing the Presentation of "Wishes"  a fireworks show, very frequently So, in addition to the Parade, we were treated to a presentation of Wishes, which is a narrated Fireworks show.   I've actually seen parts of Wishes driving home from work a few times over the horizon, but seeing it with the Castle in the background, is really neat!





And of course the parade was very lit up as well….



And I think thats plenty from Disney. 



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