The great backyard bird watch happened in February.  So, I decided to go and make some photographs at a Heron Rookery that I had been watching for a while. 

Herons always seem to be such solitary birds, that seeing them all nesting together was a little unusual.  though it is typical behavior for them.  I just didnt know!

Any way it was really fun. The nests are on the edge of a highway and I thought I was going to have one nest to look at, but as I was looking I could not complete counting the nests and such.  The birds are adept at disguising themselves, so it was always a surprise to find another one peeking out.


So, there are at least 5 nests in this photo, can you spot them?

the birds are really so dramatic that I thought I'd share what photos I was able to capture.



this one is feeding and checking the nest.


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