The Garden of Eden.

So, I did say that Florida Hosptial is a bit religious, eh?   On my first day i came across this picture.  It’s Oil on what appears to be canvas.  My personal thought is this is something that belongs on Black velvet and not in the hospital.  I imagine some important someones neice or something painted it.  It has the unfortunate effet of very soft porn and paint by numbers.

I finally got brave enough to snap a photo, which was a little hard to do as it is up in a main thoroughfare.  SO here it is in all its, errr Glory.

Is it me or is this just a tad wierd?.

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9 thoughts on “The Garden of Eden.

  1. That's so awesomely bad on so many levels. Last time I read it, Jesus wasn't in Genesis — though it's nice to see that Adam is reclining in his "Sistine Chapel" pose.

  2. is this from the Gospel according to penthouse? or Playboy?and you are right a few crush velvet Jesus, and a Mary would be nice!some how it reminds me of that Vegas act with the two guys and the white lion!It kind of creeps me out

  3. (cringes back)
    Oh, good gosh. Bad taste to the tenth power.
    I used to volunteer in a Catholic hospital which was still fairly religious. Didn't see any horrors like this, though; I seem to recall a tastefully low-key chapel (few bits of nice stained glass, couple of quiet statues, dim lighting) and there were crucifixes (simple bronze ones) on each floor but nothing, and I do mean nothing, like this.
    Looks like something you'd pick up for kids at the Dollar Tree. If you didn't like the kids, that is.

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