Hellllooooo Voxers.

Boy its been forever since I wrote about anything.

Everything has been rather in shambles since I last wrote.

When moving down from NC in April, My car broke down on the I 95.  The fan belt broke which is no big deal, butit ripped out a timing sensor which then caused the timing belt to jump off its regular track.  What a hassle.

I was very excited that I had paid off this care in January, but clearly having no car payment was not to last. 

I bit the bullet and got a new car.  I'll admit though, I love my new car.  a Prius. 

This commercial

shows the new prius.  I like my car, but I will admit, you can't just drive it and expect to get the superior gas mileage.  You have got to pay attention to the computer screen and be willing to maybe drive a bit slower.  Still, I find I barely note the changes in gas prices which have been extreme….

So new car crisis taken care of.

After that I arrived to find that the power in my apartment had not been turned on and so all the stuff I left in the freezer, salmon mostly, had rotted Eeeeew.

THe job has continued to be alright.  My main problem has been that one of the Assistant Nurse Managers wanted me to be her new best friend.  This is a bit tricky as being friends with a boss can be.  I finally actually found that as a person I really don't like her.  Her main idea of something to do on a day off is "Sit by the pool and relax" or "GO shoe shopping"  THose of you who know me know that my idea is to go swim in the pool, or buy running shoes….THe Manager has this controlling way at work, and after spending some time outside of work with her, I realized that she continues this into her personal life.  So I have backed off, and tried to sort of remain friendly but not at the same time.  Unfortunately she's the one doing my 90 day evaluation and I think the fact that I don't want to go to champange brunches with her will have some sort of effect on it.  Ahhhh Workplace politics. The eval happens in July, so I have a while to try to perfect my workplace behavior and possibly go to the Beach with the manager to make her happy.  Eeek.

On another note, I have been doing Charge at work on two occasions,  Not bad, not great.  And I will start with a nursing Student to teach this week, so that should be a challenge, which I hope I am up to.  One never wants to warp fresh minds.

I am now only working 36 hours a week, so I finally have a little more time to write! 


The moving company took an extra 14 days to get my furniture to me!  It was horrific, finally on a Sunday night at 8 pm, a sweaty man in a wifebeater showed up.  He looked and acted a little like Onslow from Keeping Up apprearances   I will say I do not recommend MARS van lines out of Atlanta Georgia for your moving needs.  Really horribly service. SO that was an interesting two weeks of sleeping on the floor.  In honesty  it wasnt too bad, I slept on a lot of blankets and it was rather like a firm mattress.

During all of this, my running took a turn for the down side.  I am back running again.  My trainer and I were both planning on running the Space Coast Marathon, but I got so behind schedule, i think I am going to have to look for a January or February Marathon.  I was on target, but just barely and then this week I got sick. I ran the half last year when sick and it really was not fun.  SO, picking a later race, I am going to include a few "sick weeks"  that can be used just in case…and I think I'll be readier and have more fun.


Oh yes, my house seems to have a buyer.  It's been a disaster, since we discovered a leak in the septic, etc etc.  Hopefully we will close sometime in July. At this point, i am so so sick of dealing with it, I just want it to sell.  I feel hateful to the new owners, but yet grateful to them as well. 

Alot of stressful things seem to be happening.  I'm very worried about work, with the manager situation and the House which is like a quagmire. 

I'm excited about running and trying to do a Marathon (AGAIN!).  This time, I think I am not going to fund raise.  I was so disappointed about the injury last time, that I just don't know what I'm going to do…lately I've been interested in the Food Bank, and the many needs there, but we shall see.  Currently I just want to finish with a target time…

Oh And I am so excited I got a topsy turvy for my birthday and am trying to grow some yellow tomatos…..  WIll try to post my progress.

so moving right along, I hope all of you are also well!~


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7 thoughts on “Hellllooooo Voxers.

  1. Congratulations on a new Prius, Katie. I've always wanted one.It's good to see you back and well, and find out what you've been up to.Have a great day!

  2. Good to here your still out there and a nice new car some times things happen and you have to just brake down and get a new one! But it dose sound like you were in a bit of kayos for a while Hope you health stays good for you to enjoy running and even running a marathon, look forward to more of your posts!

  3. Hmm, Vox did not post my full comment for some reason. I will try again here: Hi Katie. I'm glad to see you posting again. I know you from 43Things
    but I hope you don't mind I'm subscribed to your posts here. Congrats on your new car. I hear people love their Priuses and it
    sounds very cool. Good luck with getting your house sold and choosing
    your next marathon. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things settle
    down for you soon and life can get back to an even keel for you.

  4. YAY! You're back. 🙂 Sorry the move has been rough, but I am glad to hear your house has a buyer (my fingers are crossed that all gets finalized for you on schedule finally). And hopefully, after your eval in July, things at work will get less stressful and you can finally pull away from the annoying manager. I've missed seeing you around here – hopefully life will settle down a bit so you'll have more time to write a little.

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