Lets all be Joy Givers, shall we?

So, the Employee of the Month or something or other at my hospital gets to park in this Designated spot…

Oddly it’s never me, I am just not a joy giver I suppose.   It’s sometimes hard to be a joy giver in an Emergency Room.  (THough I did deliver a Baby about 3 weeks ago,  the staff was waaay more excited than the Mom.)

Just another quirk of FLorida Hospital.  Good Hospital, Good Place to work, but has some odd trends.   We think this sign combined with the photo posted earlier….creates a definite atmosphere…

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3 thoughts on “Lets all be Joy Givers, shall we?

  1. If this person were a true 'joy giver' he/she would let others park in his/her spot thus extending their 'joyfullness'.
    Oh, and what happens if you or someone else that is not the designated 'joy giver' parks in this spot. Will the 'joy giver' still be full of joy?

  2. There's a couple of establishments outside of Las Vegas I think that sign would apply to as well…. 😉 Actually, maybe the "Eden" painting would too — what sort of place you got there!

  3. Joy Giver???? is not that the person who is most annoying and not very helpful, that cheery person who you would like to strangle. I suppose the parking spot makes it easier to find them! Or avoid them! I guess I am just that grumpy negative person!

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