Yesterday all of the necessary paperwork was signed at the attorneys office to get my house sold to the Lucky couple.

This morning the Deed will be filed in whatever office it gets filed in and I will be officially home-less. 

That sounds awful, but in reality I am so relieved, that its hard for me to function!  My whole body feels sort of like jello.

     One of the oddest things about getting a house ready for sale is that all sorts of things come up and have to be repaired.  As all the repairs and some repainting got done, I began to feel a little frustrated as the house was now looking so nice and I of course wasn't getting to live in it!!! 

In May, I finally got an offer that was solid and appropriate for the house. I was pretty excited, but, of course then all the inspections rolled in and it became very messy.  Apparently there was a crack in the septic tank, so I had to replace that, as well as most of the wood siding for the home.  I knew there was wood rot but I had decided not to replace it until the house sold because if I had replaced it earlier I would have had to paint the entire exterior.  Now, all I had to do was replace the siding, as house painting is not considered a repair.  It gets very tricky what is a repair and what is just cosmetic. 

I found some of these dealings rather amazing.  I had agreed to make several expensive repairs, but stated that I did not want to clean the Chimney.  Cleaning the chimney is like a 70 dollar cost and it is not a repair.  The buyers agreed that I did not have to, but then I found that they really whined and complained about this not getting done.  With the Obama Stimulus, this couple will get an 8,000 check in the mail shortly just for closing the deal.  I think they can handle getting the chimney cleaned. It is wierd how pushy, emotional and aggressive people can get when dealing with large purchases.  

My realtor was fairly good considering the extensive wood repair, but towards the end I thiknk she just gave up, and I am so relieved to not have to speak with her personally again.  If I were to ever buy a home, I will admit, I would choose the buyers agent the buyer used.

Deep down, I hope they love and take care of the home.  But some petty part of me on the surface hopes sincerely that the annoying neighbours annoy them more than they annoyed me, and that the extensive bamboo creeps into their pipes and causes them more headaches than it did me! 

And now, given that I have been awake for 3 hours and am completely confused, and such I am going to take a nap as the relief sinks in!  I would have thought my energy level would soar, but I think all the adrenalin has been sucked out of my body and I am left with a shell.  I sincerely hope over the next week or two, as I readjust my finances, that energy will return, I am still running, but I barely have any energy to do so. 

And my reward for selling off the house,  I plan on ordering a deck hammock for snoozing…..as soon as I can find the energy. 

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3 thoughts on “Homeless

  1. Congratulations on being homeless, as well you deserve a Hammock to snooze in some times it is quite a hard and demanding thing to sell stuff. It is time to treat yourself!

  2. Congrats on getting it all done. And yes, it is amazing to me home buyers and their (usually) ridiculous expectations of the seller and their lender.

  3. Congrats on selling your house. I wish we could say the same- ours in Wisconsin is still for sale. We even replaced the entire septic system. You are correct about how some buyers can be. Enjoy your hammock!

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