Back Packs for Kids!

My Hospital is holding a drive for backpacks for children in this area as they get ready to go back to school.

Being the way I am I right away printed off the flyer and found there was a link to the things that  children need. 

Well, I was definitely surprised.  After looking at this list, I now see why it is so difficult for people to afford to get these items for kids. 

An example:                                                         


the backpack itself

2 packages of wide ruled notebook paper

6 pocket folders with prongs

Pencils with erasers

1 package crayons, coloured pencils or markers

5 spiral notebooks

large erasers

Fiskar scissors

2 glue sticks

2 highlighters

1 ruler (Metric and standard measurements)

Green and red pens

Pencil pouch

2 packs of 3 x 5 lined index cards

Math Flash Cards

1 pack of quart zipper locked bags

1 bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer

rain poncho

Band aids

2 boxes of facial tissues



THings have changed.  When I went to school, we had a box of scissors that we all took a pair from.  We used them, and then put them back into the box.  No one had to pay for it. 

Pads of grayish recycled paper were handed out to students. 

Band aids were given by the nurse.

There was a dictionary in the room.

When I saw the list I was a little daunted, I was not sure I wanted to part with quite that much of my money.  But today during my nap, I found I was actually dreaming about shopping for the back pack.  In true cheap-style, I was searching for the least expensive pack that looked sort of sturdy and gender neutral….

Afte my nap I went over to Target for some groceries.  Lo and behold.  Target of course has most of he required supplies on sale.  I was surprised at how inexpensive some of the items were.  I snapped up Markers, the Fiskar Scissors, erasers and glue, index cards, etc.   Now I just need to find a decent Back pack. 

I found it was a lot less expensive than it looked, but I can really see in a family with financial stressors, that getting these packs ready all at once could really be difficult.

I'm  sure that all of you guys have similar programs in your communities.  If you don't want to  go whole hog, I am sure any school or shelter (Lots of homeless children these days.) would be able to put to good use a few contianers of glue or composition paper, or index cards. 


I was a little surprised at how good this smallish expenditure made me feel.  It might make you feel  good to,  and those kids who have to pick up a backpack instead of going back to school shopping, will appreciate it too(Not to mention their Moms and Dads….)


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5 thoughts on “Back Packs for Kids!

  1. Yes things have changed and for a lot of kids if you do not have the right one you can be outed. Making just school supplies important and expensive for people who have more then one kid! Elementary school kids have to now be as responsible for there supplies like they were in High School. Education is always a good cause to get involved with

  2. Sophie has a backpack (rondoseru) like the ones in the picture of the little Japanese kids. Those things top out at $400-500. (Yen is roughly comparable to the dollar). We got ours for about $70, I think, but that was an exception.So what you're doing is great, no matter for whom or where!

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