A visit to the Podiatrist

 A few months  ago I got a new  pair of Mizuno's.  Mizuno  has finally decided to make  a few shoes in a narrow version, so I can wear them again.  i immediately snapped up a pair of them  and was pretty happy.  Well.  Apparently,  feet really do get bigger as you get older. I had totally the wrong sized shoe for me. I ran for about 3 weeks on them, and on a whim, I dropped into Gear for Multisport for a pair of goggles,  and ended up talking shoes. 

so 3 weeks into one pair of shoes, I got a new pair,  in a size 7 narrow,  not a 6.5.  one run in these new shoes convinced me I was in heaven.  Unfortunately, I didn't do this soon enough.  I had started to have some foot pain with both feet.  I assumed that with my new shoes the pain would disappear.  Oh no.  it has already been going on too long.

So,  after  a few weeks of stretching,  careful use of Motrin, and sticking my feet in bucket after bucket of ice water,  I decided to go see the podiatry service where I work.

I always thought Podiatry was a little wierd, I mean who wants to look at feet all day long.  I dated a Podiatrist for a while and was not really impressed with him, so I found I had not too much respect for the profession.

However,  the podiatrist I saw this week really did impress me.

He looked at my feet and was able to tell me a lot about my gait and stride just by looking at the calluses and certain types of damage to the toes. 

He noted that my feet were abnormally flexible and was surprised that I had ended up with the Plantar Fasciatis  in the left foot.  Luckily, the PF, after a full day of rest (sitting in a class with feet on another chair.) has pretty much calmed down.


So I asked him about my achilles pain on the left.  Well, what a shock.  Apparently a while ago I partially tore or otherwise damaged my achiles.  and to heal it, I decided to grow more bone. 

So  apparently the "cure"  for this

 is surgery.   I just about fell off the  exam table.

I'm not planning on having surgery any time soon.  They detach the achilles,  clean it up  cut away the excess bone, and re-attach the achilles.  Six week recovery.

Holy Cow.  I can not take six weeks off work.

So  after some discussion,  the Podiatrist took a bunch of x rays,  gave me a prescription  antiinflammatory, told me to stop running for a while, and told me to come back in a month.

I did everything except stop running.  To be fair, I told him I would not stop and he didnt seem that upset. 

TO my surprise today,  my ankle feels 80% better.  the PF is almost gone.  I hope it isnt just the crazy antiinflammatory…

So we'll  see how this goes.

I guess I shouldn't be soamazed that a foot specialist knows my gait, but I did think it was pretty neat.  Hopefully this pain will go and stay away. 

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5 thoughts on “A visit to the Podiatrist

  1. Haglund's Deformity. You mean the lump/boney bump on the back of both of my heels has a name?!? It's a real 'thing'? Whoa. I thought I was just deformed.
    Six week recovery? I could do that. I can sit on my butt with my feet in the air and work on the computer just as well as I can sit on my butt with my feet under me and work on the computer. 🙂
    However, the only time my boney bumps hurt/bother me is when I'm in the car driving for extended periods of time. My right 'bump' starts to hurt because of the position of my foot on the gas peddle. The left one rarely ever hurts or bothers me.
    I hope your Plantar Fasciatis calms down and you are back to your happy running self again really soon.

  2. Word of advice- before going under the knife for any elective procedure- always get a second opinion.
    There are a lot of scalpel happy docs out there. I can't speak to your situation specifically but I've seen too many people undergo procedures when there was another non-surgical option they might have tried instead.
    Unfortunately, in today's health care system docs get paid more to do (procedures) than they do to ask questions, listen, think and explain. So it is no surprise what kind of health care system (expensive and procedure-based) we get.
    Podiatrists are pretty cool people. I'd never want to spend all day looking at feet but am forced to look at those of my diabetics. There is no end to the foot ulcers, open sores, missing toes, gangrene and maggots (no kidding!) I've found over the years. I'm very glad there are people to whom I can send these cases to.
    I like my Mizuno's for my road shoes. I don't wear them a lot because I stay off the pavement as much as possible. They are the most comfortable pair of road shoes I've owned.
    As for plantar fasciitis, I've dealt with it off and on for years. Even when the PF is not acting up, my plantar fascia are always tight. I know you commented on one of my posts that the KSOs are not for you, however, after wearing them for only two weeks my plantar fasciitis and tightness disappeared entirely.
    KSOs or barefoot running is not an option for everybody but I'm convinced that training and strengthening of foot muscles is the key to curing PF. NSAIDs, ice, steroid injections, arch supports, orthotics and massage are all just a short-term fix.
    Good luck!

  3. I think I will try any other option before surgery. There are just too many things that can happen in a surgery.
    Cant even try the KSO'd, like I said, my toes are webbed, so they would never fit. my second and third toe are webbed…on both feet, most people in my family have it.
    Wierd thing is that nothing on me is tight, not even the Fascia. I actually was recruited for a study because I was so flexible at UNC. Luckily, the PF isgone, now I just have this left foot pain.
    the whole thing is rather distressing….

  4. Apparently it mostcommoncly comes from wearing high heeled shoes. Since mine is only on one foot, it is most likely I partially tore my achilles and my body tried to heal it….ha!

  5. I've had mine for as long as I can remember. I was never a big high heeled shoe wearer. But I do remember when I was young, about 7 or 8, I had a pair of shoes that I LOVED and I wouldn't wear any other pair of shoes even when they were painfully too small I kept my mouth shut. I know that my toes are deformed because I kept cramming them into those too small shoes—it is possible that I got this heel bump at the same time.
    They rarely ever bother me…so unless they start bothering me I will not be going to a doctor about them anytime soon.

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