Well, I should probably write a little about training.  It's been up and down indeed.  

My left ankle still has  the issue of bone growth around the Achilles.  I go back to the Podiatrist in a few weeks to see about the radiographs  and what he will recommend.
The plantar faciatis  in my right foot is pretty much gone.  I can still feel some tightness, but given my flexibility  it's probably just about as tight as a regular person's facia.  So thats a nice thing.  
I can still run on the left foot and ankle,  and like many injuries it tends to start to feel better during the middle of the run and then worse as the run goes on.  I'm not really sure what I need to do about the foot/ankle.  The Podiatrist recommended stopping running on it, but the actual running is not making it worse.  It gets unbearable after a day of walking about the Emergency Department…on those hard concrete floors.  My plan is to get a pair of more cushy shoes like Asics  or Brooks,  with a low heel tab thing.  A shoe where the part encircling the heel doesn't  come up very far.   My left foot feels better when I wear shoes that don;t rub the sore spot on the achilles, so  some shopping will soon occur. 
Because of the advice to go easy on the running and probably a bit of my own laziness,  I've been slacking.  Most of my weeks have been between 10-15 miles.  I've been running 3-4 days a week,  mostly errrr, 3 days a week. 
Unfortunately,  I have the Space Coast Half  coming up in late November….it's a blast, literally….
So I really want to run it.  I wanted to run the full Marathon, but my slacking ways have interfered.
         In the first week of February, I have a Marathon planned…. 
with  Dudes like this  to spur me along, i don't want to miss this race.  The race is pretty flat, essentially a run twice around the intercoastal,  and over the drawbridges.  
Another reason I want to run this particular race  is that my friend  Monotreme
has stated a definite interest in running this race with me.  Monotreme  ran my ill-fated half Marathon in new Mexico last year.  He was a blast to run with  despite my miserable performance.   I am hoping with a little better training and no fever cough cold vomit diarrhea going on, I can do a little better this time.  
So.  I have some work to do!!!  
I plan on upping my miles form the 15 to about 20-25 by the end of August.  Then up to Thirty  by September.  
I have a funny feeling that from now until February, not much more is going to happen in my life except the running.    
Lets all say prayers that my ankle holds up until February.  

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