I sure wish i could sometimes find a more exciting title for life's little updates, but I don't think I'm that creative.

My ankle seems to be improving quite a bit.  A few days ago I felt a very unusual sensation in it while running.  Afterwards, a few hours later I noticed it was a little bit bruised.  But it felt better.  The podiatrist at work thinks I probably "performed surgery" on myself.  So probably I have pulled the tendon out of the entanglement it was in.  I am lucky when whatever I did happened that I didn't rupture the tendon. I'm also glad I ran, even if it wasn't a lot…through the injury.  Main goals here are to stay healthy and keep increasing mileage.  No  sickness or injury.
Work has been crazy lately.  People are worried about The Swine Flu  It's a frustrating situation.  I have a suspicion that the flu doesn't really take a dip in the summer as we had thought; prior to this we thought that the flu took a break in the summer time, but we rarely tested for the flu so thoroughly as we are doing now.  People  also are really really worried by news reports.  I can not blame them.  The news stories don't seem to emphasize enough that  those here who are dying from the flu tend to be people who are already frail or have compromised immune systems.  So, our normal little drop in business in the summer has not occurred at all, and we are all a bit tired of testing for the flu. The big worry is that the H1N1  virus, will merge with the fall/winter flu  and become much more virulent  for fall.  So of course, best way to protect yourself.  Wash your hands and avoid rubbing your eyes, nose, etc.  
So very busy.  I am done with my student, however, so I am feeling much more relaxed.   I also got my evaluation from the freaky manager.  Luckily it was good.  SHe and I do not usually see eye to eye  so, it was a little worrisome. But I got a 1.5%  raise  and can expect another one retroactive in April 2010.   I'm going to do an application for Clinical Nurse two, it's an extra dollar an hour, so that is always a plus…
I want to start volunteering.   It's a little hard to decide what I want to do.  Things that I feel strongly about are healthy lifestyles, literacy, and hunger.  So, I could do things either with the schools, the library, the Special Olympics, or the food bank.  My work schedule is so variable, and I get off so late that it's a bit difficult to manage it.  It seems important enough that I need to figure out how to manage that.  
Oh yes,  I am starting, oddly to like to cook again, a little bit.  Tonight I am making Curried CHicken…
Jamaican Curry Chicken

A little odd to get the recipe off you tube!!!!  but I  think its a good recipe.  We'll see.  
Been reading a bit more too, so will grace the blog with another book review  today. 
THings seem to be moving a long fairly normally.  so I wonder how long that can last.  I'm not a fan of real life drama! 

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4 thoughts on “Updates….

  1. People seem to be alarmists when it comes to the H1N1. I can see and understand some concerns but do some research and take precautions. No need to panic. I'm sure that as fall arrives you'll be busy with those wondering if they've got it. Enjoy the "break" while you can!

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