Quick (very) note about training.

So, the Marathon is "on"  at least the social part of it.  My friends J and B  are coming to run with me,  and we will also be viewing one of the early morning shuttle launches….if it goes off.  The shuttle has been delayed so much this year it's always confusing.  But being that its in Early February, we should have clear skies. 

One of the gym trainers is also looking into the Marathon, so it looks like it may end up being a very social event…
SO now, I am running with a bit more motivation.  
It's a bit complicated  by:
my left ankle.  It is actually a great deal better, but now that it isn't swelling, even I can see the extra bone growth through the skin.  I just hope it holds until February.
The weather in Florida currently is truly horrific for running. It's warm in the mornings and extremely Humid (usually 80-95% humidity).  So its easy to feel overheated and get dehydrated.  good news is that the weather is improving slightly temps have come down from the high 90s to the lower 90's.  
my work schedule.  One week I only have 3 days to run, the next I have 5.  This can be handled, but I always have odd weeks, like one of 14 miles and the next week is 24…
I finally made it in to work out with S again at the gym.  I am a bit suspicious as the workout seemed at  bit too easy, which either means I am getting stronger, or that she has simply given up…  probably a little of both.
and I've been swimming.   
Mostly now my main goal involves  getting appropriate miles in.  the Race is still really far out there, but I know my prep has to start now.  So focus is going to be a must for the next few months

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4 thoughts on “Quick (very) note about training.

  1. Man – I look at folks up here running either in the mornings or late evening and can't even begin to imagine how they do it…and then I think of you down there in FL. I think it is great that you are doing so well, especially with your crazy work schedule.

  2. It's never too early to start. Building a strong endurance base now will help you come February. Plus, it is smart to have a cushion in case you need to cut back temporarily or take a break because of injury (of course we don't want to think about that!).
    Good luck! You can do it!

  3. I know if you can get yourself into a regiment of exercise you should do great in the marathon and I hope you have no problems getting all prepared for the run!

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