creative uses for N 95 respirators….

We call them Duck bills.  they are the masks that protect from tuburculosis or Swine Flu.  

   I wore this one all day the other day at work as I was in triage, and I can not get sick (trianing yeah).
SO, two others decorated me another mask for my head….
not in focus.  not at all but fun none the less.  While my work is not that easy it can be way fun at times….

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3 thoughts on “creative uses for N 95 respirators….

  1. Triage nurse: is that the first nurse you see when you go to the ER? The one that takes down your 'complaint' and takes your blood pressure, temp, 'n stuff?
    My favorite triage nurse story was when Jordan was about 13 weeks old. I took him to the ER per my doctors instructions. I stood in line with Jordan in his car seat. When the nurse asked what the trouble was and I said: "He quit breathing." She jumped out of the chair as if he needed resusitation (sp?) that second…so did the two ladies in line behind me.
    Jordan and I were sent back to a room immediately. He was diagnosed with sleep apnea and wore a monitor whenever he slept until he was about 11 months old.

  2. I can see when doing Triage you are exposed to everything I hope you end up staying good and healthy! And it sounds like everyone is having fun at work!

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