running in August.

Wow.  Running in the last couple of weeks  has been really trying.  Florida is Hot.  I like the heat.  This heat, however, is getting to be a wee bit oppressive.  

This morning at 5 am it was 80 degrees and 95% humidity.  This is a little bit extreme, even for us.  The rest of the day is normal, but…it just doesn't cool off at all at night.  This is the first week out of all the summer that I have had to sleep with the windows shut and the AC on.
It's so humid that we had a rainbow the other day in the clouds but we never actually had any rain..

With this weather, I, and it looks like several others have been having some problems.  I've seen people running at 4:30 and 5 am which is very unusual.  My town is not that developed yet and so there are lots of area without street lighting, so its very very dark.  Unfortunately even going out that early has not seemed to help. 
With this weather, I've been seeing a lot more water stops being pre-planted all over.  Normally, people just sort of pre place water or gatorade in bags on the ground, but here, even water seems to be "got at" by ants.  So instead…everything is pretty much in the trees.  which takes a little getting used to. 
some people prefer the bag tied to the tree, but  others go a little more natural route.
which is to stick the bottle directly in the tree.
Hopefully our weather will change for the better, its just a difficult time to run through.  
So next time you see something like this…it's probably not trash….it's just a pre-plant for some runner!

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4 thoughts on “running in August.

  1. We hide Camelback bladders in the weeds here, fortunately our ants are not a problem. Hmmm… I wonder, does anyone ever swipe a drink of water out of these?
    The hot temps sound familiar. I was in Phoenix earlier this week and as always brought my running shoes. When I got off the plane at 10PM it was still 103 degrees… when I got up the next morning at 5AM, it was 87 degrees.
    So I went back to bed where there was air conditioning and slept another hour.
    The old adage: "Yeah but it's a dry heat!" is no longer true. Everyone irrigates and all that water evaporates. It felt more like Florida or Texas than the Arizona desert.
    PS That rainbow was beautiful!

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