White Ibis

It's been a while since I posted any outdoors photos.  I've been spending a lot of time outside, but it's been so warm I actually have not seen very many animals.  I'm not sure where they are going, but I imagine it's in the shade somewhere….

I got to the hospital a little bit early for a meeting and decided to snap off a few photos.  I was pleased to spy a white Ibis  in the lake outside of the hospital.  Initially it was sort of "hiding" behind this grand piece of equipment.
The White Ibis is very very common here in Florida.  They can be seen on people's lawns and occasionally in a parking lot. 
I like them because they have a specific and somewhat interesting look.
They are easily identified by their long beak which curves downwards.  THese are wading birds and are usually very social.  On this day, however, this bird was "flying solo" 
they pretty much hang around wet areas, picking out insects, little fishies and frogs for meals.
THese birds are considered of least concern for endangerment, so not a rare find, but I still enjoyed taking the pictures and following this bird.  He/she (its pretty hard to tell males and females apart as they look essentially alike in adulthood),  would stride down the edge of the bank, pick at something for a bit, adn then stroll along again….
At a distance it's easy to see the beak, but I found I really like my closer up photo of the ibis…..
which is
And I admit, I used the photo editing tools a little to try to bring out the better qualities of this pretty bird…..

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5 thoughts on “White Ibis

  1. Great shots of the bird some times you just fall in love with an animal and can loose track of time just watching them do there daily thing!

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