this Week in Running

Well, maybe I should say My week in Running….

There a lot of excitement this week in the running world with the Track and Field in Berlin.
Today we'll see some excitement with Tyson Gay (Who trains at my gym!)  and Usain Bolt in the 100 meters.  
I'm looking forward to seeing how Lopez Lomong  is coming along.  
But this is mostly for me to write a bit about my jogging…..
I had a good week Milage wise.  I had 5 days to run, which is really unusual.  Because of that, I only ran one mile on one of the days.  
I had continued to have a lot of trouble with my left ankle.  I finally realized a lot of the problem  was caused by the heel tab on my work shoes rubbing my heel.  So, I bought a pair of very inexpensive shoes at Target and cut the heel off the left one…
You can barely tell.  It has really relieved the pain.  My Mizunos already had a heel that was low enough for me, but I didnt have a spare pair for wandering about work.
I can still feel a little pain when running, and walking down steps, but it is really a lot better.  the acholles on that side is now a little tight, but as I am flexible it seems now like that area is like a normal persons… 
This week marks the highest miles I have put in for about 3 months, so I am pretty happy abotu that.  I am starting to actually feel like I am running again, not puffing or plodding.  
Now, all I have to do is to keep focus, and stay healthy and uninjured.   Lots of  getting extra sleep,  hand washing, and hopefully continuing with this super good work schedule!!!

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3 thoughts on “this Week in Running

  1. You should have a good mileage device so we can all figure out how far you would have gone with all your runs added up! I hope your still feeling very well and do not end up sick during training!!

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