Cape Canaveral Seashore

Cape Canaveral is usually known for the Space Program, the Shuttle etc.  But there is also a nice National Seashore Park right along there….

It does cost 3 dollars to enter the National Seashore  park, but  I think its definitely worth it.  Near by is Cocoa Beach
which is free, but much more developed and crowded.  The national seashore is just that, seashore.  With plenty of hiking trails and bird habitats, and beach.   The down side is that there are no "services" in the park,  no place to grab a meal or a drink or pretty much anything, so you have to bring it in if you want it.
My friend Lynn and I like Cape Canaveral probably because it is much more pristine.  
We've been going there a few times this summer.  
It's a pretty typical beach, sand, surf…people in things they shouldn't wear in public.  but not crowded,  and the shell collecting is good, if not great.  
Lots of stuff to see.  The first time we went all the children kept pulling young Hammerhead sharks out of the water, which made me a little cautious, because if there are small ones…the big one cant be too far behind.  and In Florida, people really are frequently shark bitten.  
I've never really been a beach person before.  At least not this kind of beach.  I used to go to the Beach a lot in Oregon, but there you can not really play in the freezing cold surf or tan that much….it was more of a walking place…. 
So its been a new experience…
and because it is cape canaveral you can indeed see the Launch site from there….
So thats always interesting to look at a bit.  I havent been to a launch yet, and they are almost over.  Occasionally when it has gone off at night, I've seen the lights of the rockets over my apartment….but I dont count that as having seen the shuttle launch.
In February some out of town friends will be coming and we plan to do an early morning one then…
Of course the Seashore isnt always calm.  We are in hurricane  season and while we have had pretty quiet tropics, we have had some doozy's of storms….
The last time we were chilling at the beach it got dark within about 10 second….  I turned around and snapped this shot:
Well, we left, given that we didnt want to be hit by lightening.  turned out to be a dramatic storm with a lot of water spouts forming in the Ocean, so I wish I had hung aorund for that. 
More beach photos in another post.

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3 thoughts on “Cape Canaveral Seashore

  1. I share your fondness for that area. We were there for a launch in '07 and it was quite spectacular. That beach is great, but Cocoa Beach has a great little Tiki bar…hehe. Between sharks and 'gators, I stick to pools in Florida. Love the photos!

  2. How gorgeous! I grew up in Connecticut, and these beaches look quite similar to the somewhat more northern ones I knew and loved. And yes, it's MORE than worth the $3.
    Out of curiousity, do you have sea roses growing near the ocean there? I don't even know if that's their real name, but they're a kind of wild rose that smells incredibly sweet and spicy and seem to thrive in wretchedly sandy soil near the beach. I always loved those.

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