This and that photos

Well, Tropical Storm  Ana seems to be gone, but we are still getting the remnants of her:  Mostly rain and wind….

It's hard for me to capture how Menacing the Clouds can be, but I think thats because there is no sound effect, so just picture random streaks of lightening and lots of rumbling thunder in the distance!
You will also note that sadly our architecture is uninspired, and everyones house looks exactly alike.  
While walking about I was finally able to capture some of the dragonflies that are surrounding this small pond…
This is a MeadowHawk.   (Identified by my Mom of course, not me!!!)
and I finally got a shot of the red saddlebags……
I'm so surprised at how well my camera does since its just a small pocket sized point and shoot, but the leica lens in it does the trick each and every time….  
and a few more parting shots of the weather.    It did rain heavily a few minutes after these were taken, leaving behind an early morning fog today.

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5 thoughts on “This and that photos

  1. Point and shoot cameras have gotten rid of there bad name and allow such great photos to be taken like yours, although when shooting clouds they always look good and not as threatening as in real life! I suppose with all the places looking alike people have excuses for entering the wrong home! love the dragon fly photos you just have to love those mosquito eaters! and that great pond shot with all those Lilia pads

  2. The Camera is a Lumix, made by Panasonic, which is unusual in itself, but it has a Leica Lens, which makes it very high quality…It has a wide angle lens for shooting mostly vistas… but apparently it does fairly well with macro type stuff tooo……

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