This week in running.

Oh My Gosh, was this an interesting, sort of bad, shall I say, week in running…..

My long (er) run on Tuesday  was 7 miles and it went pretty well.  I had a few little issues.  Note to self and anyone else: Do not put Gu in your bra,  its a great holding spot, but the edges of the packet creates little small cuts in the skin.  Tape the gu to the water bottle as you are supposed to drink gu with water anyway.
It was a pretty slow run, but I was still pretty happy with it.  
Unfortunately the rest of the week seems to have been one big bonk fest…
Mr Bonk man visited me several times.  I'm still in disbelief that I could have so much trouble with the  runs, but I think some stress at work has caused some issues.  Work has been stressful, and for some reason I have been terribly tired….Its possible that I was also running a fever for some of the week, but I never really checked.  
I had 2 days off running (not work) so I figured on Friday that I would be fine,  but instead I completey  had a epic fail bonk.
I only ran 2 miles, instead of the 5 I was planning.  And I felt terrible.   Part of this was because I had to do the run on the treadmill as I had a 7 am MD appointment.  Won't be doing that again!
The next day I thought well, no more treadmill….and I also had another lack of ability and ran 2 miles.  Being irritated, I went and ran 2 more on the treadmill at the gym.  the treadmill run was better than the day before.
I Swear some of those mills are calibrated incorrectly.  A few when I run, even set at a 12 min mile, it seems to have me racing along…..and then others, when set at a 9 min mile seem to be turtlely….they are brand new this year, so I imagine they are either ok, or due for a tune up.  Anyway, having my ipod helped a lot on the treadmill.
Today I ran/walked 6 miles.  It was more running than walking, but I definitely took more walk breaks than I expected. I was so nervous about the run,  after those two bad days.  I am just glad to have completed it.  I'm still struggling psychologically at certain spots,  which are triggers for me to quit.  Its hard to run through them, but I am getting better at it.  
I might run one more on the mill this afternoon just to get in the extra mile.  Then again, I might not.  
Next week I only have 3 days to run.  t,th, sat.   If I feel inspired, I could run 2 miles either before or after work with the dog.  I also may run a 5K  on Saturday.  I haven't run a race in ages and it might be time to start.  It would be interesting to see if my times improve at all in the race atmosphere….If I dont do the 5K I am definitely doing a 5 miler at Lake Baldwin…and then in a few more weeks, a 9 mile race which my trainer is also running, and will most likely win.  it feels wierd to hang with such a talented runner….and be taken somewhat seriously by her.
I was really pleased last week at the running, this week was a week of much frustration and disappointment.  
So, lets all hope and pray that this coming week improves!  
Best part of week:  I did get in the appropriate miles.
Worst part:  Bonked twice, failed to run through certain tough spots…..

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6 thoughts on “This week in running.

  1. LOL! I'll skip the gu in the bra thanks. Have you thought about joining a local running club? The coaching you can get along with having fellow runners might be good. Cheers! PS-treadmills are evil.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the comments. I was wondering why I didn't get any from my last few posts. I had it turned off while I was creating them but forgot to change once I posted them.
    He is well. He leaves Sri Lanka in 10 days for Europe then to the states. He plans to do another mission with MSF. The where is unknown. He almost went to the Sudan but they thought his skills were better for Sri Lanka. Cheers.

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