Another week in running.

I usually  post this on Sunday, but as I am working on Sunday I am pretty sure I wont be doing any running, though I might do some on Sunday evening.  

It's been an interesting week.  I have come to a conclusion about the difficulty I had last week running.  I'm not exactly over-training, but I was trying to cram in too many longer runs in a row.   For example  a normal training schedule  for that week Would have been  7 miles/4 miles/4 miles/5 miles.  I was trying cram in 7/6/7,   SO I never really had  any easier runs and was having very tired legs.
So,  I am changing things up a bit and my next few weeks are a little better for having days to run.  
THis week, I have done about 18 miles,  rather than the 20 I have been doing, its just the way things worked out.  I ran 7 on Tuesday on really tired legs  I rested the legs the next day, and then on Thursday, I attempted to run 6.  As I started things felt OK, but when I got to the down hill part of the first mile my legs really started to hurt terribly.  I figured if I didnt want to go Down hill, I was not in good shape.  So I bagged the run,  and spent the Morning with the Dog. Fiddling around the pound.  
had a great time at the pond… 
I felt very relaxed….

I later ran 2 miles on a treadmill…and called it a day.
Today I ran 7 miles.  Legs felt much better.  The pacing was much better, and I was able to shave off a minute or two from my best 7 mile time.  
Clearly I cant expect to do a 7 mile run and then a 6 mile run a day later. 
I'm quite nervous about next week  coming up in running.  I have a Five Mile Race…which I don't want to finish last at.  My training is all done on very large rolling hills.  THe race is almost entirely flat, so that should be interesting… Plus I have my first 8 mile run in several months.
And I am getting new Mizunos in the mail soon!!!!
Whoo Hoo Running….

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4 thoughts on “Another week in running.

  1. If you have not already checked out the book "The Chi of running" – check it out. While I have not read it myself a friend of mine raves about it. Also, I cycle at the gym on my off/tired-leg days – keeps the CV fitness up and muscles going without the impact.
    Great shot of the dog – bet it took a dip just after the shot was taken!

  2. One of the hardest lessons for me to learn is that the rest days are as important as training days. If your body tells you to take a break or cut back- you are smart to listen to it.
    I'm sure you will do great at your five mile race. I doubt that you'll finish last.
    Run strong and good luck!

  3. Good luck on the upcoming race, looking at your photos it seems like some times you get to see so much different places on the run like when I used to be able to cycle you got the chance to really see your surroundings a real chance to get a feel for what is there but I bet your more concentrated on the run then where your running! Hope you beat your expectations on the race to come!

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