The week in Running.

THis week in running has been a rather up and down one.  I'm actually very confused about how I am feeling about running, if thats possible.  

I increased the long run to 8 finally this week.  I ran it on Tuesday and was very happy with the results, while they were still slow, the overall pace was better.  The weather has somewhat improved and that seems to be helping. 
Subsequently I did a workout with the trainer.  That workout was errr, challenging.  
Of course,  my issue with the next few days of running was trying to recover from the 8 miler, and the killer workout….So I ran a 2 miler and a 3 miler respectively at very very low speeds.
On Saturday, I ran my 5 mile race.   All in all, I think it was a disaster.  I freaked out, having not run any sort of race in over a year, so I did all sorts of things I would not normally do, so I am displeased with my results.  
It was great to run on the flat, actually felt very strange, I kept waiting for the hills…they never came.
2 of the Physician Residents from my Hospital ran the 2.5 mile portion of the race, fast ladies!
And there we are ahead of time!  Anyway, it was really unusual to run any race where I knew anyone, so that also threw me off a bit.  As it turns out, I was very close to being last, and the two others waited for me and "ran me in"  so I wouldn't be alone and last, it was really really kind. 
As it turns out, I was not last…  In Fact, I picked up this bling bling…
which was rather ridiculous!  I hung it in the laundry room.  I sure do wish I had deserved it but I was just lucky that only 3 women in my age group actually entered the race….
Today I ran a little 2 miler on the treadmill….and worked on speed…
My next race is a 15 K  coming up in 2 weeks.  I hope there will be more participants,  and  that I can finish in a more appropriate time!
I'm feeling a bit tired, and sore….and feeling tired of feeling tired and sore…
but tomorro, I will go out yet again….
My new plan is to work on not just base building, but also a little on speed with Hill drills and some treadmill work.  
We'll see if it helps…..

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2 thoughts on “The week in Running.

  1. If you can stay healthy and do a few more races you should improve but doing better then last is a good thing you can only go up from here and not trying would drive you nuts so keep on working out and hope you can get to a few more run/races this year!

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