this week of running, or not.

No running happened this week.

I tried really really hard, but  instead I have had the flu, a cold or something that was very very unpleasant.  It is probably in part a little responsible for  the bad run last Saturday.
On Monday I decided just not to run.  I was in a bad bad mood and just felt lousy.  I did a mini strength workout, complained to my trainer and then went swimming.  I also then took a 4 hour nap on the couch.  My Legs hurt like nobodys business, it was hard to describe.
Tuesday was work which was well, work.  It was difficult and I thought I might not be feeling well, but I wasnt sure.
Wednesday I figured that I was ready for a nice run.  Ha!  I started and ran about a quarter of a mile and found myself in miserable pain again!  So I just quit.  I visited my Doctor that day and he and I decided that I had probably dehydrated myself and had some muscle damage.  So I rehydrated.
THursday, I started to realise that I was probably sick.  I was the front charge of the ER which was hard because I had to keep interacting with a variety of people in a nice way and all sorts of yuck was going on.   Plus I had two not very skilled nurses working in one part of the department when I needed at least one skilled one.   
I came to the conclusion that this could not be the pig flu  because it really snuck up on me.  So on Friday I gave up on any running ideas  and bought some nyquil, ice cream, and books. 
I was hoping I would get better, but no.  today I ended up at Centra Care getting my nose practically punctured for the flu swab  (Ouch, no wonder people get annoyed with that!)  No Flu,  but the doc said I'd been sick for so long I was probably not shedding the virus…  I really don;t think its the flu, but  I still have to take several days off at work.  
THis afternoon I started to feel even more miserable.  I took some Ibuprofen, and a very hot epsom salt bath and I have oddly started to feel better.  We will see when the Motrin wears off if I can kick this thing and get back to running.

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4 thoughts on “this week of running, or not.

  1. I feel your pain! Mine has been sinuses, ear aches, and massive headaches with bouts of major grumpiness. I can't even imagine having to deal with people let alone run like this!

  2. I feel sorry for anyone who is sick it such a all the good things in life can not be done and you are forced to do what is necessary unless you have a good servant! I hope your ready to rock sooner because being sick for a minute an hour a day a week beats you down!

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