Last week in Running.

Last week, was really really not that great for running.  I was still really really  tired from being sick and it was hard for me to get interested into the running….I was starting to get really worried but today was better, so I think things are getting back to normal…

I did learn last week though that there is a relatively flatter area for running just a few miles from my house, so I have now been using that while I try to continue to recover my base…
The West Orange trail  is a rails to trails type project that is pretty nice.  Because it was originally a railway, it is of course, moderately flattish,  it tends to go up and down, but very gradually…as compared to most of Clermont, where hills are rather steep and frequent.
I think as my base improves, I will go ahead and use this trail for long runs,  and keep on the hills for the shorter ones…
the trail is a little odd, as it parallels one of the biggest roads in Florida….so  while it sort of looks very natural and peaceful…the traffic noise is rather distracting.  It doesn;t seem to bother the wildlife  however, I've seen White tailed deer, the endangered Gopher tortoise, loads of butterflies and dragonflies and some very irritating biting flies who trail me as I run….
So last week, was pretty horrible, but this week does seem to be looking up.  I still can;t believe how long it took me to get over my illness.   Wash your hands folks!

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3 thoughts on “Last week in Running.

  1. I really enjoy running but I hate running the same routes everyday. I try to change it up but still find that I am just excruciatingly bored. It's also pretty hilly where I live, but I don't avoid them, I just persevere.I run about 5 miles a day. sometimes 11 miles for a long run.How often and how far do you usually run? Do you do marathons or racing events?

  2. deep, right now I;m training for a Marathon, though I'm in a bit behind, from being sick. SO the miles go up and cut back, right now its at about 20 a week or so. I don't mind the hills, normally I like them, but there is no other place in the state with hills, and my Marathon is pretty much flat, so it makes sense to do some training on rolling hills rather than the steep ones. I realized today that the trail I usually use connects to the new trail so I'll probably end up using both for runs over 15 miles…. I wish I could run every day, but I have that crazy thing called long work hours.

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