QotD: Gone Too Far

What is the scariest incident with drugs or alcohol you’ve witnessed or personally experienced? How did it change you?
Sponsored by MTV's "Gone Too Far." Tune into the series premiere this Monday at 10 p.m. EST.

Ok so being an Emergency nurse, I probably shouldn't answer this.

How's about one DAY, not night,  using Naxloxone  on a Mother, Grandmother and Kid all from the same family, all overdosed  on Herion which they had been doing together. 

I was pretty jaded by the time this came around.  I could tell story after story of people who have really ruined their lives via Drugs/Alcohol.  

But it looks like MTV is going to make some money doing it instead, and call it "entertainment"

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2 thoughts on “QotD: Gone Too Far

  1. Must love it when they got to make the all mighty dollar, things that were underground years ago are shown on TV as entertainment what a world

  2. Let's hope it shocks some of these kids enough to get them back on track. But knowing the kids and MTV it will all seem cool. I'm sure most of us would not be able to handle the stories that you could tell. I'm sure you've seen more than your share of nasty/disgusting/disturbing/depressing stuff.

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