This week in Running (Again)

Well, this week was somewhat improved.  I'm really still sore and achy and feeling sort of distracted.  

This is the part of training that I dislike intensely.  I have lost a bit of my base,  it is coming back, but while it is coming back running is very much a chore.
It's  hard to get going, and hard to continue.  There doesn't seem to be any benefit to doing it at all I seem so far from the goal that I just feel like quitting entirely.
In fact, I have to keep reciting things in my head regarding the benefits of running. 
Mostly I focus on:
Its great for my heart
It  is good for my waistline
I already am committed to a race.
And then I sort of get grumpy. 
But it's a phase that I go through  each time I stop running for sickness or things  like stressful home sales!
I have to run through it, literally.
This week I managed to do 3 runs and one session on the ellipitical trainer.
If you count the ellipitical I did 16.5 miles, which is much better than the 6 I did last week.  
If you dont count the ellipitical  its 14 miles.  Still good.  2 4 milers and a very difficult Six miler.
It HOT here in Florida.  Now, I know a lot of you are saying…
Geee,  DUH.  its Florida.  Yup, it's Florida.  But we are having record Heat.  Heat indices at 110.  So, I hope thats part of why some of the runs have been a little difficult.  
Apparently at the end of this week we will be dropping back to the 80's which is great….
So, this is the week in Runnning.   This week I have an odd schedule as I switched with someone.  I'm hoping to increase up to 18-20 miles, but we'll see, That six miler just about did me in.
Until then I am trying to be 

I think I can…. I think I can… I think I can….  

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4 thoughts on “This week in Running (Again)

  1. I know you can…I know you can….I know you can…
    Keep on going and the going will be easier.
    I hate 'hot'. There is no way I could handle living in Florida. (Now, watch life take us to Florida to live as I always said that I would never live in Texas and I spent five years there.)

  2. Thanks Trish! I changed my theme to a snowy one in hopes of sending a message to weather people. Supposed to clear out and get cooler at the end of the week.

  3. If "6 miles almost did you in" what are you not doing as part of your training? Are you sleeping enough? Eating properly? Doing any tempo/speed work to ease the pain of longer runs? Weight training? I ask these questions as 6 miles should be a joy and nothing more than a good sweat and some thinking time over 1-1.5 hours. Maybe its time for a running coach?
    Either way good luck on the race and congrats on sticking to your training in the heat of the swamp. Cheers!

  4. It should have been easy but I think I was actually pretty sick and that messed up my little tiny base. Unfortunately I am sick AGAIN, today with fever, sore throat and same horrific body aches. but In general, I am doing the right weights, eating and sleeping. I need to really so some speed work, I am such a sporadic speed worker…. I am working with a trainer, but she has dropped the bomb that she is moving in November, so she is decidedly less interested, btu in Nov, I get a new trainer, who is a good runner, so we shall see….

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