Oakland Park. I found the Alligator!

I have not been running this week because I seem to have strained my right calf severely.  It doesn't hurt much to walk on it, but when I put the full impact of running on it, it was really terrible.

So, in lieu of the running, I took Teulu the wonder dog out for a 6 mile walk.  (He needs to lose about 10 pounds, so it was part of his diet and excersise program as well…)
Oakland park is not really a park.  It's a very small lake (about 1/2 mile around)  with a gravel path, a picnic bench and some swings at one area.  It is situated on the West Orange Trail about 2.5 or so miles in.
As with most Bodies of water in Florida, This sign is posted.
This is the only place with a 1-800-gator program…but they really are a problem at times.  I have been to this park so many times, I was convinced there were no gators, but I was wrong.  
The lake is home to a lot of wild life.  It's one place where I can ensure constant sighting of the little blue heron,  egrets, and a variety of other lizards etc….
I personally like to photograph the frogs.  Frog photography is pretty tough with an overly excited dog.  this particular frog obliged even with the dog pacing wildly.  Eventually though I did not supervise the dog carefully enough and he decided to jump into the pond to cool off….
Keeping in mind the sign I had just seen I was a bit frantic to get him out.  He did climb on out within minutes (he was still on a leash)  now wet and covered in the green weeds.  THis is the only photo I got of him.  Not a pretty sight, but it does reflect his enthusiasm.
Sort of.  His tail is not as fluffy as normal as it soaked in pond scum.
We kept moving around the pond after Teulu's unexpected descent into the deeps.
Fall in Florida is a bit different.  We don't get a lot of "Fall color" like up north.  and right now its about 83 degrees F at 8 pm.  But we do have subtle seasonal changes, like the seed pod below.  Seeing a whole vine of these is like looking at fairy lanterns.  I know its probably some sort of noxious weed, but its very fall like, and cheerful….
and while we dont have fall colors we do have some spooky Halloweeny sights:
Moving around the pond, we photographed, and then startled a Great Blue Heron.
Which moved and then pretty much posed and posed for me until I actually got sick of photographing it.

But I did get some pictures of the bird.
At that point, I was being attacked by many mosquitos.  So I decided we should move away from the water.  Suddenly I hear a scratching noise on the ground, and a very large sploosh.  Definitely not a frog.  It was the Alligator I had been searching for for months!  I was definitely too close to such a creature.  From what I gather about Alligators,  they are not exactly bright, as UF states they are mostly just prey driven predators.
This is the wide angle of the pond.  
As we went back up on the gravel, away from the gator sploosh,  I then spotted another Gator resting on a log. It  does look like I am right beside him, but  I have a long zoom.
This is the other view of an alligator which is more often encountered.
It's often hard to tell if it's a log or a gator, but this particular log moved about 10 minutes after I took the photo, so I am sure it was a gator….
Anyway,  theres my latest photography.  I hope people enjoy.  

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9 thoughts on “Oakland Park. I found the Alligator!

  1. I have yet to see a gator in the wild. Neil was in Savannah a few weeks ago and encountered a couple. One started sidling up to his daughter who was with him…apparently she looked like a tasty morsel. Creepy!
    I love your photo walks! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. OMG the 'gators scare in in FL. When we were on a bike ride, any time I saw a gator warning sign I rode even faster . . . . beautiful photos btw . . .

  3. WOW great photos love all the animals would love to waste a long time in there also love that tree what a Halloween type of tree! Again love those shots

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