Changes coming….

   While I have been enjoying my job, for the most part, I've been exhausted by the commute and some of the problems that are inherent in the medical field…

     We seem to be awash not only in new nurses, but relatively new nurses, who are far more dangerous than the brand new ones.  They are the ones who know enough to do on their own, but not enough to recognize the more subtle  signs of problems and act on them.  Some days get really tiring, because I feel like I'm constantly answering questions, helping the newbies, handling my own load and keeping an eye out for problems that they might miss.  In addition, I've done a great deal more damage control than I would like.  With the long drive, and these annoyances, I have been thinking about a new job.  My Manager is also annoying me a lot…as the staff seems to be having a great deal of behavioral issues that no one is really dealing with….The biggest issue I have is with a weekend charge nurse who is not very competent but continues to remain in charge… 
Unfortunately, the grass is not greener anywhere else.  But with brown grass, I know that at least driving shorter to the brown grass it will be better… 
I have 2 opportunities for jobs.  
One is at the Celebrations Disney Campus of Florida Hospital.  This is a sure shot.  They have offerred me the day shift, and the manager offerred it without me asking.  It's just a transfer so I wouldn't even have to mess about with moving my 403B, changing insurance, etc.  It's a bit of a smaller Emergency Department, with a very different clientele.  So my pay would stay the same etc.
Downside is that this campus has a bad reputation. 2 nurses have transferred from there.  One was very unhappy, the other, seems to have just wanted to not drive so far.  
Second Opportunity  is 2 miles from my house.  Not affiliated with Florida Hospital.  I have a vague interview tomorro.  
Very small Emergency department, most stuff gets flown out.  I get a huge gym discount if I work there, and it's  so close that doing little bits and pieces of overtime would be no issue.  I don't know about pay or insurance.  there is a chance that both could be better….
Decreasing my commute time would help a lot too with more daily exercise. 
I really like where I work, but I am so so sick of getting up at 4 am, and trying to play the political game.  who knows what's going to happen though.
It's really hard for me to decide what to do…..I really want to stay in the same place, just so I don't have to figure out how to negotiate everything new….but I also see that this could be the best thing ever…..

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6 thoughts on “Changes coming….

  1. I don't know what to advise. If I am unhappy about a job I have always reid to find somethwhere else to go…though at times that has taken a long time, and not always been for the best. Others times it has been incridbly fast and perfect. Obviously you need some type of change or you wouldn't be having these thoughts. What do you mean by the campus having a bad name? Is it dangerous? If you have only heard of one person being disatisfied well that is not enough to reject it upon – they may have been dissatisfied with that person too!
    Follow your gut feelings. Usually how you feel when you first wake in the morning is a good indicator,

  2. a Bad reputation, I have heard that the staff don't help each other, don't work as a team, and are "tattlers" which is difficult.I interviewed today at South lake. I love the hospital, and thought the Manager was a total fool. She spent the entire interview telling me about herself, what she didn't know is that I already knew that she is knew and that people are not happy with her at all….so the whole interview sounded as if she was trying to defend herself.

  3. Good luck whatever you decide Katiebell. I have such great admiration for nurses. I do fundraising in the home care field for the elderly and nurses are so important. I worry that there won't be enough of you to handle the load as the population grows more elderly.

  4. Good luck figuring out which direction to go. At least you've got some opportunities to look into so you can make a change if you think that's what's best for you.

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