Everything seems to be just rather "off" lately.  

It looks like I am going to transfer to the Celebration Campus of Florida Hospital…
Where maybe I can become super nurse….Ha. 
Its a different shift, 9a-7p  4 days a week.  I emailed the director yesterday, he responded within an hour and offerred me two different shifts.  the 10 hour one is very bizarre, but, after thinking about it, I realized  this type of shift would actually help me with my running goals etc.  As I'd be able to do a workout every single day if I wanted to…
I'm really nervous about any kind of job change.  If I hate it, it's unlikely that I would just be able to transfer back. I think though it might be a place where I could advance a little in my career. but there are all those doubts, about if it is going to be a horrific move, if people will like me, if I will remain friends with the friends I made at the other hospital…
if I will make new friends….If I can advance a little in the job, or not, if I would be able to move to a 7-7 shift after some time if the 9-7 was not good…..etc etc etc….
On top of that:
Running lately has been terrible.  My legs are hurting, the more time I take off, the faster the legs heal, but my base also gets destroyed each time I take a day off….
This is probably what has precipitated  my completely foul mood.  

Unfortunately it really crept up on me.  So now I am in a bit of a pit of despair.  I am having a lot of trouble running, and thus I have no interest in any type of gym work.  Thus making it even more difficult when my leg starts to feel better…because my base is decimated.  I feel so anxious about this its hard to describe. I have that Marathon coming up and I simply don't want to run it, but having friends coming in makes it very very difficult.  Even today I am missing a super fun race sponsered by my hospital because my leg is in too much pain and I can't really run.
  My main interest right now is sleeping and doing mindless activities like playing Bejewled Blitz on facebook.  While both are excellent activities, they really aren't the end all be all.  And the fact is that I know that if one continues to allow themselves to wallow, then most likely nothing is going to change, so it becomes a forcing to get out and do stuff that I used to like to do.  Truth is I probably still like to do them, but it's just the apathy and frustration that is getting in the way.    
I'm going to try to super schedule everything for the next week, forcing myself to get out to the gym, the pool, continue to set up the aquarium, meal planning, etc.  And hopefully that will help me a lot….

And can someone explain why these animals are living in my neighbourhood????

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7 thoughts on “Stress….

  1. Must be hard to only make part time friends where you are only in places for such a short time, and you are a likable person so why do you always seem to worries if people will like you and be your fiend. Too bad also about the running but you may only be cut out for a part timer in running with all these problems popping up but Keep on trying you never know when it will be your time to shine as a runner! Also when I first saw the picture you posted at the top with the nurse and red cross and said about becoming a super nurse, all I could think of is she planning to get that tattooed on herself?? call me nuts not sure why that popped in my mind but take good care of yourself

  2. Ugh…I am sorry things are so rough right now. I hope the ultra planning and getting out helps! As far as the deer things…I am betting someone imported them and they eventually got loose. Maybe? LOL
    Hang in there!

  3. Those are not deer. They look more like….gazelles or something else a lion out on the plains would kill and eat. Weird. Is the fence keeping them in or keeping them out?
    I hope when you make a decision that it puts your stress demons to rest. As far as running and exercise….well, you're talking with someone that has struggled to get below 160 for several years. I wish you the best with the aching feet/legs. That has to be hard to live with since you are on your feet all day at work.

  4. I am suspicious about the animals, they are fenced in , but I think they may actually be animals from the Disney Animal Kingdom park, taking a break from being safari hunted all day long. I live 22 miles from Disney, but I need to find out from someone for sure. It's definitely unusual. fence, I think is keeping them in. I hope there ar eno lions around!

  5. Oh now I really hope that they aren't for some meat market…I need to ask someone who lives close to the trail….I hope it's just the Animal Kingdom exchange area…

  6. I know in the TX hill country where my aunt lives, it is very common for folks to import African animals (ibex, odads, gazells, zebras, etc.) to keep in herds as pets. Being so close to Disney, you may be right about the safari thing, but it could also just be someone's property and animals? I think it would be kinda cool to get to run/walk past them on a regular basis.

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