Photo Contest

There is a photo contest at my Job (for the entire 7 hospital system).  I'd like to enter, but I am not sure I have anything really great.  My choices are:

The Gator.  People like the color I was able to capture, and the reflection and the way the water looks….
The Frog which is a nice color study…and surprising…but doesnt everyone have this photo in one form or another…
Dragon fly, but his wings happen to be well used….a fact of life….
I need to decide the deadline is November 10.  I have a ton of photos.  They need to be non imflammatory type pictures as it is the religious hospital….but I mostly do wildlife, sooooo…
Which ones are good…
this is actually a Sun Rise….I like the dark and orangey contast.
With Digital Photography, I think the average photographer has become very skilled, given that any of us can fire off 40 shots, without the fear of wasting 40 things of film….so I think competition is fierce..not only does it have to be 
perfectly in focus,  and not have a lot of distractors.  the composition of the image should also be good, which is sometimes hard for me, like the stick in the background of the Frog,  its hard to crop out and there was no way I could move it….
Plus its hard to tell what judges are going to like, dislike…..
Sooooo….. what do you all think????

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5 thoughts on “Photo Contest

  1. I really dig the drargonfly…it has great DOF, is crystal clear, and has great color. The only distractor with it is the white in the background, but I don't think it is enough of a distraction to take away from the photo.
    I also agree with cropping froggy down with the same ratios so that he is in the upper corner by himself.

  2. Thanks everyone. After reading the guidelines carefully, I foudn that if I was selected, I then had to frame and mat the photo myself for display! Some prize!!! and the photo became property of Florida Hospital….so.. needless to say, I'm not entering that contest.

  3. Your blog is full of beautiful wonderful pictures of the natural world.I have not seen better anywhere and it has been a pleasure visiting here.The alligator and butterfly are about to leap out of my computer into the room.:-)

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